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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wedding Bliss

Today I finally did one of the things I wanted to do in Japan for such a long time: attend a wedding. A couple that is part of my Japan family finally decided to have a wedding reception after being married for 6 years. My family and I attended.
It was such a private event with very few guests. The place was near the Tokyo Imperial palace in a venue full of natural light. The place was also very well decorated. The whole wedding felt very relax, and not stuffy at all, the same things the couple had wanted it to be. I did have a lot of fun, more than I imagined it to be. The bride was gorgeous in her white gown but even more so in her Japanese attire, decked in a Kimono with embroidered swans. Her daughters were also princesses with full set of tiaras and pearls. The couple was just an image of pure handsomeness (Is that even a word?)
Here is what I wore:


Scarf - random store at Dakar Fair
Jacket - A'Gaci
Dress - H&M
Clutch - Thrifted
Shoes - Ross
Accessories - Gifted

Accessories from hubby- have to say the man is upping his presents game and I love it!!!!

After receiving the invitations for the wedding, I had thought about wearing this dress I bought two years ago on sale at H&M. In fact, I refused to buy anything new for the party as I have a closet full of never worn dresses and shoes perfect for such occasion. But I was not hundred percent satisfied with the way I styled it. In fact, this dress made me look fat (and) or pregnant. I needed a belt or something. Because I could not find any appropriate belt for it, (after talking with the hubby) I then decided to wear Senegalese attire. However, the night before the wedding, I checked my Senegalese clothes and I did not like any of them. They were either too simple or too much for the reception. So I finally went back to the dress. And it was the perfect choice. My only regret was that I should have worn something like spanx instead of a slip underneath. The slip's material kind of clashed with the dress, and it showed sometimes. Anyway, I did not let that simple detail be in the way of my fun.
My family in Japan is special to me. They are people that make me laugh, teach me about life here and support me whenever I need it. And it is great that they also feel the same way about me. I was honored to be part of this wedding and hope to be part of many more to come. Congrats!

The nails of the bride painted in the national colors of my country (so darn cute!!!) and a glimpse of her gorgeous Kimono

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