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DIY/DIM Kaftan

Hello there!

There is nothing easier to sew than a Kaftan. And you will see what I mean after you read this.

I have a silk Kaftan bought from Zara hundred years ago ( ok,  maybe 12 years ago). I wore it only thrice but I love the thing. I always wanted to reproduce it with a fabric that is less difficult to handle. And I did just that last week.

The Zara Kaftan was actually featured on the blog two years ago  Read about it here
I dug out this silky green Saree fabric that I bought in Jaipur last year from my fabric "vault" . It was just about two meters. I originally wanted to make a skirt out of it. But I already have enough skirt as it is. Plus the fabric reassembled a scarf so I decided to make a Kaftan.

Hemming away 
I used my Zara Kaftan as a pattern.  I folded the fabric in half and ironed it flat. Then I cut it in half at the fold. I now had two pieces front and back that I hemmed. Then I put them together by stitching the top and only leaving an opening big enough fo…


If, like me you have been studying Fashion design in India,  you cannot help but admire the wide range of fabrics that exist here. India produces a lot of fabric from cotton to chiffon, some are mass produced,  others are still weaved by artisans. I have not yet discovered all the fabrics of this land. But today I wanted to talk about one that I recently discovered. It is called Khadi.

Khadi fabrics

I usually buy Kurtas made by this company Natraj

Khadi is a hand spun or hand woven cloth primarily made out of cotton. Sometime it includes also other fabrics such as silk and wool. The fabric is very warm in Winter and cool in Summer. It is also very important to the history of India because Ghandi started wearing and promoting it to become independent from British fabrics who were then more expensive. He started a revolution movement and him and all his followers were only wearing Khadi.

I was introduced to Khadi by my husband. He went fabric shopping one day and came back with colorful b…

Buy now, wear later

Hello Hello!

Today's topic is this very bad habit of mine: buy now, wear later. 
I absolutely love shopping. I get such a rush when I purchase new clothes or accessories even if it is for my small business or gifts. It is high I wish I could constantly get. But when I buy for myself, I have a habit of storing the clothes for later. A dress I buy now could be worn anytime between two months to two years later. With age,  I have been better at this but a quick look through my closet tells me that I have a long way to go. Yes,  I still have dresses that I bought  four years ago that I have not yet worn. Can you believe it?
In fact, the only time I wore what I bought immediately was 15 years ago. I went shopping at Zara with my Mother and best friend. We were supposed to go out for diner at a fancy restaurant right after. I was not dressed for it because we were invited by other friends at the last minute. Therefore I bought myself some slacks and formal white shirt that I wore right …