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Bachelorette Party

So, I attended my first bachelorette party the other day. A french colleague of mine was getting married back in France but she decided to have a little celebration with her Senegalese friends before she left. Her future sister in law organised the party for her, inquiring about what we would like to do. We finally settled for fun games, advice and Sabar. If you do not know, Sabar is a Senegalese party with drums and dancing. There are different types of dancing, from jumping around to the beat to twerking.

The theme of the party was supposed to be African or Senegalese attire. And here is what I wore

Lace dress - borrowed from my Mother Wrap around skirt - borrowed from my Mother Shoes - Sandaga market Fan - Keur Mamie Charlotte Necklace - bought from a friend Bag - Fair in Pune 
I borrowed my outfit from my Mother. She was giving me hard time because she wanted to wear the same outfit the day after for a naming ceremony. The funny thing is I bought the fabrics of lace and Shantung (…