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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I got it from Jins

Where do I get my inspiration for outfits?

I get my inspiration everywhere. I usually look at girls on the streets. Here in Japan, you get inspired from every woman, from the teenager to the grandma (some of them are so fierce). Once in a while something they are wearing or the way they are wearing a particular item would catch my eye. I immediately ask myself if the look is for me, if I can pull it off. And if the answer is yes, I spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how to reproduce the same look with the things I have at home.
I keep up the same process when I check on my favorite fashion blogs or when I watch TV.

Recently I saw a commercial for Jins glasses. I was so inspired by the outfit in the commercial. Here is a pic.

 I liked everything about the look maybe because I used to dress like that when I was in college. I would wear my favorite men's navy sweater vest (my Dad's former uniform) over my fave peach men's shirt  and some jeans. It was the comfiest outfit ever and it gave me a certain edge. Now I am dying to reproduce the look but I do no longer possess a navy blue men's sweater or a vest for that matter. But I do possess a sweater in blue. Let us see if I can reproduce the look:

Beret- Cial
Blue sweater - Walmart
Men's striped shirt - H&M
Jeans - Ross
Bag - Harajuku
Shoes - Payless

So what do you think? I just needed the glasses but I have perfect eyesight (and I do not cheat).
 I am wearing this to go out today. Hopefully it will keep me warm enough under this weather

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nylon Puffer tote bag

As I was window shopping in Yokohama before the Christmas sales, I noticed a interesting kind of bag. It is usually a tote bag made out of the same material used for down jackets; some kind of nylon and maybe down feathers. Some days later, as I was buying some donuts at Mister Do, I found out that they were given away the same kind of bags. But they called them Fuka Fuka bag.

Mister Donuts Snoopy Fuka Fuka Bag- can only be exchanged for 150 points on Mister Donuts card

I went home intrigued by this kind of bags. I decided to google them. And this is what I discovered: they are really called Puffer bag. And contrary to what I thought they do not only exist in Japan. As it turns out, many serious brands have been making puffer bags for a while now: Marc Jacobs, Chanel to name a few.

But why is it that I am only noticing these bags now? Well, maybe because they are becoming trendy in Japan. All affordable international and Japanese brands do have a version of these tote bags in stores now.

I am not sure these bags are for me. I do not really like anything that is pouffy like down jackets. Yet, as I touched them, I realise that they are so kimochi ii, or great to the touch. They are really soft, and just for that they are becoming more and more appealing.

The one I fancy is a three colored one from the Gap. It is big enough to hold everything that I like to carry and more. Furthermore, the three color design makes it look like a striped bag. And if you are familiar with me, you should now that I absolutely love stripes. To top it all, the colors are bright and happy. What more could you ask? Well for the price to be a bit lower. These babies retail for 3999Y.
And I could not find any single picture of that jewel online. What a pity.

 Rootote Feather Roo tote bag available at Sony Plaza for 3990Y

the bag can also double as a hand warmer if you open the zippers on the side

Update: In January, I check my local Gap for the bag I liked but it was gone. Was this bag  just a maboroshi (vision) of mine?

Old navy is coming to town

For somebody who loves Old Navy, I could not be more excited to discover that the brand is coming to Japan. Actually it seems that this is old news since it was reported back in April 2011. For some reasons, I am learning this just now.

Recently I discovered that Old Navy and Gap from the US shipped to Japan. And I could not stop daydreaming about the things I would order when I realised that I do no longer have a credit card. My last resort would have been to wait for a trip to the US and indulge there and then.
I am happy to know that travellin to the US will not be my last resort as Old Navy will open stores in Tokyo in the end of 2012. The specific places have yet to be determined.

I do hope they open in my fave places like Harajuku and Yokohama. Moreover, I am praying that the prices are the same than in the US. Gap in Japan have prices way higher than in the US. Actually most of my American friends say that they never shop in Gap Japan only for that reason. Seriously, something should be done about it if Gap hopes to compete with H&M and Forever 21.

Anyway, here are pieces I would love to get from Old Navy if it were to open now:

Blanket's wrap cardigan for $38

Chunky knit cardigan for $36

Sueded desert wedges for $11.97

With all these American stores invading Japan, I have another question for y'all: when is Target coming?

For more info, check here

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

These boots are made for walking

I went out for  what Japanese people would call "home party". A friend of mine opened her home for a nice lunch. We decided to cater for some Indian food and we finished the meal with some creamalicious "Choux cream" (aka cream puff). As usual I ate way too much but I do not regret it. Two years ago, I would have killed to be invited to a home party with a bunch of ladies. Now, I am attending like it is nothing. Hell, I even decline some because I am too tired. I should be more grateful. Life! Pfffffff! (like the French would say)

Anyway, here is what I wore:

Cream knit hat - H&M
Black coat - can't remember but it is very old (over 7 years)
Long cardigan - H&M
Blouse - thrifted 390 mart (but it is from Target, I miss that place)
Long sleeve tee - Nissen
Pants - FOS Malaysia
Boots - Shimamura

This is the first time in my life that I am wearing a belted sweater. I thought that they were not for me because of my figure and all. But actually once I tried the thing, I liked it. It does not look as good as I would have liked it to look but I guess I will just have to either diet or live with it

These boots! Le sigh! They would not have been the type of boots I wanted for myself. Actually if you read this, you would know that I am all for feminine and delicate boots. But these boots talked to me at first sight. Actually I did not buy them the first time I saw them at Shimamura. I have a thing now: if I see something at the store that I like but I am not sure about it, I wait for a while. If I come back to the store and it is still there, then I will get it. So I did the same with those boots. I went home hoping to forget about them but they were constantly on my mind. I went back and they were still there. What was I supposed to do?

Two things attracted me in them: first they looked sturdy enough. The heel is very sturdy. I thought that these boots would last more than a Winter. Actually I am praying that they last more than 8 Winters like my last boots. The second thing I liked was the price: on sale for a 1000Yen.
So far I wore them twice and walk more than a mile with them. Let me tell you this: they are made for walking: light enough that I do not feel them and sturdy enough to keep me warm. And the military design is just a little edge that is going to spice up my life. What say you? Aren't they the coolest thing ever?

Drool at some pics of the nice lunch we had:

Chicken curry (the red thing), Paneer (the green thing) and some flavored rice

Strawberries (with chocolate) and Choux cream from Gateaux de Voyage
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