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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Under the sun and the stars (or how I dressed myself today without any help!!!)

Hello there!

After boring with two DIY/DIM posts back to back, I thought I should get back to boring you with my daily looks (or at least, the ones worth blogging about)...

By now you all know that I dress casual, colorful and very comfy. My goal this year is to get out of my comfort zone and become more classy. It is very hard but I am trying. I have to say that Pinterest and Polyvore have been my allies during this process. By now, I have multiple planned outfits stored in those pages. But what you did not know is that when I know I have somewhere different to go to rather than school runs and silly errands, I plan my outfits several days in advance. Otherwise, the day of the thing, I rummage through my closet, try millions outfits, hate everything, have a nervous breakdown and end up pulling the same boring stuff I wear on a daily basis, and getting late. 

Today was different. My son and his classmates had a presentation about the Solar System. It was not a fancy affair. However, it was an occasion for me to shake things up a bit. Usually I would have gone to my "Style me" board on Pinterest. But  I went with my guts instead, which were telling me that it was high time I use the pink bag I bought a year ago and never tried. Plus they go so well with my new baby pink wedges. By then, I had the basis of my outfit. I went looking inside my closet for a dress because nothing says school presentation outfit better than a dress, right?. I had many options but they were either too casual, too dressy or not suitable for this hot weather. At the end of the closet, I saw this shirt dress which had pink hues and I was sold. It will be perfect paired with my jeans. The whole process took me less than 5 minutes which is faster than usual. My closet and bedroom was still intact. And I would have never thought to pair this tropical printed shirt with something pink. I was very proud of myself because I have done it all without any help or influence. 

Scarf -  Sandaga Market
Shirtdress - Lee Cooper via Just Casuals
Bag - M.G. road
Jeans - gift from Hubby
Wedges - Much More 

The irony is not lost on me that I still ended up wearing a blouse and jeans, which is exactly what I wear everyday. However the difference here was that I dressed it up with grown up shoes and classy bag. Plus I wore make up. I recently bought some eyeliner and my kids tell me that I look pretty whenever I put it on. I have not succeeded in making the perfect cat eye but I am getting there. It is all but a process.

The presentation was fun and very educational. The kids really did a great job explaining the moon, stars and solar system. I learned things I never knew. I have to say that I am afraid that this new generation will know more things and be far more intelligent than us.

After the presentation, the hubby took us to Malaka Spice in Koregaon Park to eat the buffet lunch. I had been to Malaka Spice only once for my birthday and it was at night. The ambiance and service was still good and the food perfect. Once again I stuffed myself on South East Asian delicacies like Papaya Salad, Pad Thai, Tom yum soup, Murtabak. It is not exactly the real deal (I had it so I can compare) but it is very close to it and oh so tasty! I think that I will have to come back for more. 

Our lunch: green papaya salad, Pad thai, cilantro rice, chicken curry, Tom yum soup with prawns, peppered basa fish, honey noodle with ice cream  

Friday, March 20, 2015

DIY/DIM: Reversible Colorblock Jacket

Another day, another DIM!

 Hello readers!

 Today,  I wanted to share yet another sewing project that took me 8 months to finish. Actually I started it back in September. I bought this nice floral print fabric for a dress or a midi skirt. But browsing through YouTube, I came across a reversible jacket tutorial that seemed so easy. I pulled the fabric and matched it with a pink one leftover from this dress. I worked on it for a few hours when I realized that I didn't have enough pink fabric left for the sleeves. So I put the project on hold all the while looking for the same pink fabric all over town. Strangely I could never find the exact same color. That is why I just gave up until recently. It occurred to me that I did not necessarily need the pink fabric since I had some yellow fabric leftover that I could use. Back to work I went and this is the final project.

The Floral side 

Scarf - Stolen from my Mom
Blazer - Did it myself
Bodysuit - H&M
Pants - Brandmart
Belt - 390 Mart
Shoes - Westside
Necklace - Gift from the Hubby

It was very easy to do but a bit time consuming. And there are some mistakes here and there because I was too lazy to take proper measurements. For this reason the jacket is too small to close. Next time I am making this ( because I will), I will make sure that I take my time and do it well so it comes out perfectly. 

The colorblock side 

 The tutorial I used was from Meesha TV on YouTube. I checked this vlogger several times to learn new sewing techniques and for inspiration. Unfortunately I just found out that Meesha passed away. It was a shock that such a talented and beautiful person could be gone just like that. I pray that she rests in peace and thank her for all the help. Please check her page if you are interested in sewing.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

DIY/DIM: Fake Bandhani Saree Maxi Skirt

Hello there!

I thought I would share yet another sewing project. I made this "fake" Bandhani Saree maxi skirt a while ago but I never go to wear it because as usual I am not satisfied with the end result. It was a very easy sewing project even for beginners. Here are some of the tutorials I used to make it : 

Turban - scarf stolen from my Mother
Studded tee - Brandmart
Cardigan - M.G. road
Maxi skirt - Did it Myself
Shoes - Reliance Footprint 

 I always wanted a Bandhani Saree maxi skirt. For those of you who do not know Bandhani, it is a style of tie dye famous in India particularly in Gujarat and Rajasthan.  Actually I tried this type of tie dye back at school and it looks relatively easy if not time consuming. 

Anyway, the reason why I wanted this skirt is because I fell in love with this look from Girlwithcurves.com. I did look for the same skirt at the market and even saw a really nice one. But I think that the seller -seeing that I was a foreigner- was trying to cheat me. So I let it go until I found this Saree at my favorite fabric shop. I bought it and went home to make a maxi skirt.

Even though I love the print and the colors, I hate the cheap chiffon material, which makes it hard to sew. Plus the sequins on the material keep on falling. To top it all, it is completely sheer so I always have to wear my petticoat underneath it.

  I had to go all the way to Jaipur to finally understand that my Bandhani was a fake. The real deal is usually made in cotton and of better quality. I ended up buying two real Bandhani Sarees but they are too beautiful for me to botch them with any sewing project of mine. So they will be sitting pretty until I develop better skills. And in the mean time I will try and rock my own fake Bandhani skirt until I find a better one. Maybe I should go back to that seller at the market?!!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

A different kind of Sunday

Sundays are for lazying in bed, or staying at home all day. I would rather sleep till 10 AM, watch TV or browse the Internet, then go have brunch somewhere or just ordering in. But in real life, I wake up at 8 AM (If I am lucky) and have to think about making breakfast, cooking lunch and so forth. I do get time to blog, read the Sunday paper, have long conversations with the hubby, sew and enjoy the pool or tennis. So it is not all that bad!

But today was different. The hubby wanted to take us out for breakfast. We woke up before 8:00 AM and walked 20 minutes to get to a hotel nearby. The hotel was very nicely decorated with lots of greenery. And for the two hours we stayed there, we forgot the chaos that is Pune.

Outdoor seating of Eighty Eight restaurant

Interesting decor of another restaurant inside the hotel, I am thinking of trying next

I dare say that we ate a lot, or least I did. I had eggs, Uttapam, smoked salmon, chicken sausages, bread and cheese, masala chai, hot chocolate and ginger carrot juice. (Don't ask me about the rest of the family!) It was not the best hotel breakfast I had but it was good. I particularly enjoyed the hot chocolate and the smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, olives and capers 

Hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles 


 After the breakfast we were heading home when we passed Aga Khan Palace. That place has been on my list of places to visit in Pune for a while but I never took the time to just go. So, spur of the moment, I asked the rest of the family to go. It was a pleasant surprise for I got to learn a bit about Mahatma Gandhi. He resided (or rather was confined) in the place in 1942 with his wife and secretary. A small portion of the palace is actually a museum dedicated to Gandhi with pictures, sculptures, paintings and actual goods the man himself used while he was living there.

Aga Khan Palace

Sculptures of Mahatma and and his wife Kasturba

Mahatma Gandhi ashes 

Mausoleum of Gandhi's wife and secretary who both died at Aga Khan Palace

Old stairs 

Scarf - M.G.road
Denim shirt - Brandwise

 It was a very educational tour but what I enjoyed the most from the palace was the gardens. They had multitudes of trees and flowers, some I know, others I have never seen. I could not stop clicking pictures after pictures with my phone for they were truly breathtaking. Judge for yourself!

We walked back home to resume our Sunday but it was a very different beginning we experienced. I know I am lazy but I would not mind more morning walks like this in my future.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Current mood: Yellow

The weather has been unpredictable recently. One minute it is hot and the next freezing cold. Then it starts to rain. It is so shifty that I got sick two week ends ago. We went to check the Rambo circus in Deccan after lunch on that Saturday. The last time I went to a circus was back in Japan and it was a "Cirque du Soleil". Therefore I did not expect much from this circus. But it was great. The ambiance was old school but the people were pros. My kids and I enjoyed all the shows and we even got to laugh out loud at the clowns even though we did not understand Hindi. But the circus was cold because they put the air conditioning on blast on a day that was fairly cool. As a result I caught something ( a cold, the flu? Who knows?) and I was down with fever, and body ache from Saturday evening till Monday. I had not been sick like that in a long time and it was not a good feeling. Thankfully it did not linger and I was back to being myself the next Wednesday. Being sick sucks particularly when you are a mother because mothers are usually caregivers. Thankfully my family was great. My kids brought me blankets and even massaged my head to release the headaches. I usually do not like their massages but this time it felt great. The hubby was also very good doting on me. That was a nice change.

Today also, it rained. But by the time I was done taking these pictures, it stopped. I do like the weather in Pune but it can be highly unpredictable like me. I had decided to wear this skirt after forgetting about it in my closet for a long time. But in my head I was going to pair it with a embellished black tunic. However at the last minute I decided for this yellow blouse that I have never worn. I do like the color but the cut is boxy and not flattering on my figure. Nevertheless, I did not to let that stop me today so out it went.

Yellow blouse - thrifted then embellished
Maxi skirt - H&M
Shoes - Reliance Footprint

It was a blouse I had thrifted three to four years ago in Houston and embellished (read how here). It is such a nice well made piece that it is a shame I do not wear it often. But I think it will change from today.

Silver ring - gift

Indian earrings - bought at Mariplex week end flea market

I leave you with some pics of the circus. It may have ended by now but I am sure they will be back in the city soon.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bleeds Blue

I have been feeling blue lately.

I want everything that is white and blue in clothing, that is. I think it is because of this heat that I crave those colors. My recent purchases were a white blazer and a blue tie dye dress. And crazily enough I want more: like a pure white maxi skirt, a blue maxi skirt, a white embroidered blouse. But since I need to curb my shopping enthusiasm, I went shopping in my closet and found this tie dye maxi dress. I only wore it once before (and it was featured on the blog here). Like almost all the clothes I own, it became too tight (at the top) after the move to India. So it was in my "to refashion pile" for a long time. Today I took it out, removed the zipper on the side and sew some elastic band just under the bust. Then I went and cut a triangle from an old tube top to stitch to the side of the dress where the zipper was. Now it is easier to wear. And it is perfect for this heat. However it bleeds blue. At the end of the day my hands and nails were a bit blue. Actually I did wear it at the beginning of the week with a white cardigan. I went home cursing myself because I was sure that the cardigan would turn blue. Thankfully it did not but it served as a reminder not to pair the dress with white again.

Scarf - gift from Ethiopia
Wrap around cardigan -  Gap
Dress - tailored then altered 
Sandals -  Fidak Fair in Dakar

Sorry I was sneezing there! 

My colorful sandals

The dress is made of a fabric that is very popular in West Africa.We call it "THIOUB" in my country Senegal, and it basically means "tie dye". Although tie dye in my country is made with all kinds of colors nowadays, some ethnic groups still favor this indigo color.

How it is done (Source:Google)

In my country, a Thioub cloth is usually used to make a huge kaftan or mumu we like to call Boubou. It is very rare that we use it for anything else. 

A Senegalese woman wearing Boubou in Thioub
(Source: Google)

I did however think that it would be great for a maxi dress a few years back and sent the design home to be made. I sent pictures of the tie dye material and the type of dress I wanted and my Dad took upon himself to find the right material and give my measurements to the tailor. The dress turned out great against all odds (can you imagine ordering a dress to be tailor made via Skype?) but I would have preferred a lighter material,  and less bleeding. It is fine because I rarely wear it. 

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