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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Off again!!!

We are off again, relocating to another country, to another undiscovered place. I am not going to tell you where yet. It is way too soon. And those of you who already know, please keep the secret to yourself.
Anyway, while my lips are sealed about our new location, I can still let you know what I wore when I was getting there.

We had a long trip ahead of us with many transits, so I wanted to be comfier than usual. Here is what I wore:

White studded beret - Cial
Denim dress shirt - Aeon
Blacks pants - H&M
Printed pink scarf - 390 Mart
Bag - Random import shop in Ishikawacho
Shoes - Shimamura

At Haneda airport

Sorry for the unfocused pics

The new bag with studs purchased days before the trip

Cookie box as an sewing case

I am a messy person. I can never seem to clean up my things reason why there is always clutter somewhere around the house. Once in a while, I decide to do something about that clutter and that is what happen with my sewing things. Believe it or not, I have a plastic bag full of sewing things like threads, needle, beads, buttons and so forth. It is always a pain to look through it because it is a big plastic bag. The plastic bag also has a whole, reason why I keep loosing beads.

The plastic bag in question

As a solution, I though about buying a case designed for just that. However I changed my mind when I saw this beautiful cookie box that a friend gave me recently. The box is big enough with two plastic trays with different parts to hold the cookies. Anyway, after they were over (it took a minute for them to be eaten by the entire family), I wash the box and the trays, dried them and started to arrange my sewing things in them. And voila, now I have less clutter and it is a pleasure to actually go look for something I need in the box. Plus the whole thing did not cost me a dime. Is that recycling or what?

The first tray with measure tape, thread, needles

The second tray with cutting board, more thread and buttons

Taking over Starbucks!

Have you ever been at the Starbucks down at Motomachi? If you have, then you know that this particular Starbucks is the hangout  for many foreigners. As there are two to three International schools in the vicinity, mothers like to go to that Starbucks after dropping off their kids at school. It is not only a place to enjoy a cup of coffee; it is perfect for a quick chat among friends, to wait for the stores to open in Motomachi or plan for future events. I am no exception as I have enjoyed my fair share of Starbucks hot chocolate with one or many friends. My first year back in Japan, I used to go there very often with a friend. Then gradually I went less and less. It was becoming too expensive to hang at Starbucks every week . Furthermore, I had other things to do as I got more involved in the school PTA.
Starbucks is a good hangout place as the staff  is friendly, sometimes English speaking and nice. It is true that the super loud, obnoxious foreigners can disturb but we never had any problems there. Well, almost never. Once a Japanese guy complained to a friend of ours that she was too loud. He was sitting on the terrace obviously trying to have some work done with his computer when we apparently interrupted his toughts by talking too loud. But he immediately got reprimanded by another friend of ours who told him that he was a fool thinking that he could ask for quiet at the terrace of the coffee shop which was outside and subjects to all kind of noises. I guess next time he will think twice before trying to talk to big mouthed foreigners.
Anyway, today was the last time I got to hangout at Starbucks with my pals. My family is relocating to (let us keep it a secret for a while, please). I am super excited, with a lot of apprehension but we are planning to make the best out of it. In the meantime, I had to say goodbye to my friends once again. I already did a month ago as school closed for Winter break. But my friends got wind that I was still in Japan and insisted upon seeing me. It was going to be a coffee with one friend but the news spread and finally we were 8 taking over the tiny coffee shop. We were also very loud and I felt bad for the other customers. I cared only a little as I was too busy listening and laughing at all the craziness that were our talks. I met some of those ladies two years ago when I arrived, and the rest just some 6 months ago. Yet they are all very precious to me because they are kind, understanding, affectionate and compassionate. They are also very hilarious..They made my life in Japan so much fun and I just wished I could pack them and bring them where I am going. It is hard for me to make new friends. I am afraid to take the first step and approach people. That is why I am thinking that it will be a while before I make new connections never mind finding someone I can trust and be myself with like the people I left behind. I am not sure what my new life will be but l pray that I get to meet people as fabulous as my friends back in Japan.

Anyway for the Starbucks coffee get together here is what I wore:


Beret - Cial
Pink sweater - H&M
Pants - H&M
Pink printed scarf (pictured on the chair) - 390 Mart
(not pictured) Shoes - Shimamura

As I leave Japan, I am happy yet sad because this land used to be so good to me. It saw me grow into a woman, become a wife, a graduate. It let me discover its seasons, its formidable people, its fascinating culture and even its natural disasters. But more importantly it brought me my family (near and extended) and friendship, most cherished friendship with people all over the world. There are surely better places to be but for me there is no place like Japan.

 Stay tuned as I will reveal where I am at in the following weeks!
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