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Road Trip: Saint Louis

This year, I decided to go on a road trip to the north of the country, to a lovely town called Ndar or Saint Louis. I took the kids and my Dad with me. I wanted the kids to get out of the city and discover places outside of Dakar. And since my Dad lived in Ndar in the past, he would be the perfect guide.

We took the bus not far from our house. It is the local bus company. The bus is spacious enough, but not high end. I did not complain because the ticket is cheap. We departed at 7 AM and arrived in Saint Louis at 11 AM after a 15 mns stop along the way. We were met at the bus station by a cousin who usually lives in Dakar but was in Ndar for work. He droped us at the family home. The last time I was there, it was probably 1996. Therefore the house has changed. Although it is now a two stories house it seemed smaller than I remember. I like the decor that is kitsch but the house is very comfortable. It used to be a full house back in the days but now only my cousin lives there. The fam…

Milkshakes and Monument

It is getting hot in here, but I am keeping all my clothes on.  Still, I get why people walk around barely covered around these streets. In times like these, I just want to spend an entire day inside a cool pool.
But on a hot day like today, I took the kids to the Monument de la Renaissance Africaine.  It is not the first time or the last time I go there. In fact we have been there so many times, that the kids are bored with it already. Nevertheless, I like the place because it is a big open space and it is free. On top of all, once you climb the stairs, you have a great view of the old airport, the lighthouse and Ouakam city. The place also hosts events like fairs, parties and concerts. In fact the main reason I decided to grab the kids there was to go to a fair. However, it was so boring that I did not buy a single thing and proceeded to go have a bit of fun with the boys. 
Funnily enough, when our former President Wade decided to build the Monument back in 2010, I was highly agains…