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Denim for coffee

Coffee is a good idea. Coffee at Starbucks is a great idea. Coffee at Starbucks with girlfriends: can't top that!

The only thing I order from Starbucks in Summer: Green tea Frappucino 
 I needed to laugh today. Not just laugh but, laugh out loud, laugh until my stomach hurts. And I just did that with two girlfriends. Whenever I meet with other expat moms, we usually bitch about all the things that go wrong in our lives in India. But today was different, we bonded over our kids. We discussed how some of them are giving us headaches and what to do to overcome the challenges. I did laugh out loud. But I also learned that I was not alone in the struggle of raising a child. As mothers we all have our struggle but it is a blessing to realize that it is the same everywhere. Nobody has perfect kids. I once told a girlfriend of mine who is a relatively new mother that no mother has it totally figured out. Just because they seem perfect on the outside, does not mean that they have everything…

DIY/DIM: Turn Sarong Pants into Palazzo

Hello there!

As I posted on my other blog and here as well, I was in Thailand with the family during Easter break. I had been thinking about what to wear and the goal this time was to purchase not a single thing before I go.

However I really wanted Palazzo cotton pants for the vacation but all the ones I tried at the mall were making my thighs look wider. It was not a look I wanted to go for. So while cleaning up my "studio" with all the clothes that I needed to refashion, I saw this old Sarong pants I bought ages ago in Malaysia.

Sarong Pants (source:
 I love those pants because they are perfect for hot weather but I never wear them much in real life.Whenever I wear them, all I need is to sit or the wind to blow to have my thighs exposed.
Anyway, I decided to turn them into Palazzo pants. And it was really easy. I opened up the pants and aligned the front and the back part on the wrong side.

Aligning the front and the back of the pants 

Stitching the sides after cu…

Krabi and Bangkok: what I wore

Hello everyone!

I will keep on bothering you with all Krabi (and Bangkok) related things on my blog for a while so bear with me. Today I am showing you almost all the outfits I wore during my stay.  If you read my post Krabi outfit planner , you know that I packed a little. Furthermore, I went for relaxed and flowy clothes, because for me comfort is key. I styled them like this:

I wore my palazzo pants a lot during my trip. It was paired with the eyelet tunic and tropical printed tunic the most. But I managed to wear it with a tee and cocoon cardigan as well.

Sunhat -  gift Eyelet tunic -  thrifted and refashioned Palazzo pants - bought in Malaysia and refashioned   Weaved bag -  Daiso Japan Beaded sandals -  gift

Close up of the tunic and pants 

Sunglasses and scarf -  M. G. road Tunic -  Cupid in Koregaon Park

Cocoon cardigan -  Shimamura Japan  Studded tee -  Brandmart  Bag -  Dili haat Sandals -  Reliance footprint 
My second best worn item was the tropical maxi dress. I paired it…

Krabi vacations

Hello everyone!
I have been away for a while vacationing in Thailand with the family.
We traveled to Thailand once again but this time,  we headed straight to the beach in Krabi province before a short visit to Bangkok.
 We had a long trip that started with five hours of car from Pune to Mumbai. Then we took Thai airways for four hours before landing in Bangkok airport where we waited for our next flight to Krabi. It was a night trip so by the time we arrived in Bangkok in the early morning we were exhausted. The flight was eventful but I remembered  Thai airways to be classier and less commercial. I guess cost cuttings have turned even the best of airlines into average ones. Anyway upon landing in Krabi, we took a cab to Aonang where our hotel was.  The cab company called Krabi shuttle was great with a friendly driver, nice car with WiFi inside. The ride was very smooth and we got to enjoy seeing Krabi. Krabi resort, our hotel, was nice with a gorgeous room. It had a view to the t…

DIY/DIM: Turn a scarf into a kimono ( or cover up)

Hello everyone!

One thing you should know about me is that I like my clothes to be versatile. I like clothes that can have double or triple purpose like a skirt that can become a dress or a coat that can be a vest. If ever I make it as a designer all my clothes would have multi purpose
And this DIM is exactly that.

While looking for clothes to take to my trip to Thailand I came across this tie dye parĂ©o in my closet.  I instantly thought about turning it into a kimono. However the fabric was too beautiful to cut. Plus I could see myself wearing it as a Sarong on the beach (apparently Sarongs are outdated as beach cover up. Well not in my world!) or just to lounge by the hotel pool. So I kept it as it was all the while researching different ways to wear a scarf. And I found one I would like to share with you.

As a Kimono:

Take a super long and wide scarf (1 yard or 1 yard and half should suffice).  Fold it in half either width wise or length wise. Tie the extremities and wear as a  bol…