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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Denim for coffee

Coffee is a good idea. Coffee at Starbucks is a great idea. Coffee at Starbucks with girlfriends: can't top that!

The only thing I order from Starbucks in Summer: Green tea Frappucino 

 I needed to laugh today. Not just laugh but, laugh out loud, laugh until my stomach hurts. And I just did that with two girlfriends. Whenever I meet with other expat moms, we usually bitch about all the things that go wrong in our lives in India. But today was different, we bonded over our kids. We discussed how some of them are giving us headaches and what to do to overcome the challenges. I did laugh out loud. But I also learned that I was not alone in the struggle of raising a child. As mothers we all have our struggle but it is a blessing to realize that it is the same everywhere. Nobody has perfect kids. I once told a girlfriend of mine who is a relatively new mother that no mother has it totally figured out. Just because they seem perfect on the outside, does not mean that they have everything under control. It is sad that as mothers we are pressured to have perfect lives with perfect kids when in reality it is a myth. I just wished that we weren't so hard on ourselves...

 But I digress. This is not a parenting blog (If you want that, read this).

For the meet I wore my uniform which you should be familiar with by now: oversized shirt and jeans.

Denim shirt -  Aeon
Grey tee -  Spar supermarket
Baubles -  Westside
Jeans - H&M
Slip on - Pratunam market
Sunglasses -  Chathujak market
Bag - Niceclaup

Yes, I wear this or a version of this everyday and I love it. But today I added a twist or two. First, I wore my denim shirt as jacket - which I rarely do- by layering it over a tee. Second, I added a big bauble I had for a while but always found too daunting to wear. It was perfect with the tee. It is funny how something seems so intimidating but as soon as you tackle it, it becomes normal. 

These slip ons are just perfect. I bought them in Thailand and I regret why I did not get other pairs in other prints. I really wanted one in leopard and camo print but when I saw it displayed in the store it was too high to reach and I got distracted by other shoes ( the sparkly sequined kind...lol!). Now I am obsessed with getting a pair similar to the Celine ones. I hate coveting things because I did promise myself to be done with buying shoes for a while....

So how do you like my look? Let me know in comments.

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