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Never worn challenge: Printed shirt

As the end of my Never worn challenge is approaching, I feel like rushing to wear all the items I have not worn yet. Take this printed shirt for example, I struggled to wear it. Strike that, for it is not true. I wore it four times this month: once for a lunch at a friend's house,  two times for lunch with the family and today to run errands. So basically it was not hard to pull off. But I hated how it looked the first two times. I paired it my fave harem pants and my plaid jacket or a cardigan ( Sorry no pics!) The reason I did not like it was that the shirt is not wide enough to hide my muffin top. In fact the asymmetrical design ( short in front, long in the back) and small slits on the sides, makes my waist looks wider. And this is not a look I want to go for.However after weeks of working out and trying to eat right, the shirt seems to fit me much better now. Plus I think that changing from loose pants to more slim fitting ones made a difference.
I took these pics at Cafe Cof…

DIY crystals embellished blouse

Being able to do things (such as making clothes or jewelry) on your own is so fun and inspiring. I go to the mall looking at things or read a magazine and think : " Oh! Beautiful! But I am not going to buy it. I am going to make it". It happened with this yellow blouse I had thrifted two years ago in Houston. I love the color but never got around to wear it. And after two years, it is a bit tight. I was about to toss it  when I saw a pic of a similar blouse with embellished sleeves in a magazine. I immediately went looking for crystals at my neighborhood stationnary shop. I did not find clear crystals but settled for jewel tones ones. At home, I dug the blouse and decided to loosen it up a bit by adding side panels. I cut some left over soft cotton fabric in black and stitch them on each sides to add width. My method is messy and lazy but I got the desirable effect. Plus it is right underneath the arms, so it is barely noticeable. But my initial thought was to add panels in…

Stop laughing! It's rude!

Time flies. It has been a year since we started living in Pune. And so many things happened from our first week in Pune up to now. I am getting used to life in here. I even started to enjoy myself. But there is one thing I will never get used to: people pointing at me and laughing. I usually get stared at and it was not a surprise because I knew that staring was common in India. Therefore, I do not mind it that much unless the person does it for a long time, at which point, I glare back. But what is most annoying, is when people just point at me and start laughing. The girls usually giggles and have the decency to just talk about me in a hush hush way ( but I still know). The men are more obvious, but the kids are blatant. Once I passed a group of school kids my older son's age. They saw me and just exploded in laughter, pointing at my face. I went up to them and used the little Hindi I knew to ask them what was wrong. They looked at me almost terrified and stopped immediately. O…

It's a date! ( Never worn challenge: Printed Jacket)

The hubby took me out for lunch the other day, without the kids.  We tried the lunch buffet at the Hyatt. Needless to say that it was exquisite.
Here is what I wore:
Printed jacket - Ross
Lace Peter Pan collared top - M.G. road
Pants - Max
Shoes - Oriental traffic via Don Don Down

For this date, I wanted to go with a black dress. I had this style of Kate Beckett from Castle I wanted to reproduce. I even wore it only to change at the last minute. My shoes did not compliment the look ( I had t-straps, not ankle straps). I realized that I had too many sandals and flats and not enough pumps.  I need some grown up pumps, something probably with a pointed toe and not so super high heels.
Anyway, I went for black slacks and a cream top instead. You can never go wrong with black slacks. And I am in love with this top. I found it on M.G. road. I think I said more than once on this blog that you can find the best deals with the street sellers in M.G. road.  Those guys unfold their box full o…

At the movies

I went to watch the Wolf of Wall Street the other day. I was tired of always watching 3D animated movies with the kids. I wanted a change. So on a fairly free Monday morning, I went by myself.
Now there are a few things I should tell you about cinemas in India ( or at least Pune). I have been to cinemas back home, in the US, in Japan even in Australia and Singapore but there is nothing quite like cinemas in India. For starters, prices usually differ depending on where you seat, the closer to the screen, the cheaper. The last seats are called high class and can sometimes double in price the ones in the front. I am used to tickets being the same wherever you seat. Anyway prices also change depending on the time and the day. The earlier sessions are cheaper so it actually helps to go on a Monday morning at 9 Am. I spent 70 rupees for the movie as opposed to 150 rupees for the Saturday afternoon session.
The other interesting feature of cinema in India is that they play the national ant…

All that glitters (Never worn challenge: LBD 1)

During the holidays, the family decided to go try different restaurants. With all the good restaurants in Pune, it is sad that we are going to the same places over and over again. So for our holiday lunch at Sigree restaurant I wore my Lbd.

Cardigan - thrifted
Lbd - XXI via Brandmart
Shoes - gift

I had this Lbd for months now. I got it for cheap at Brandmart, a discount shop located in Koregaon Park. They have name brands for nothing. I usually go there to pick up dresses and tees. And the best part is that they do carry my size.
I do like this Lbd but the deep neckline and lack of sleeves always makes it hard to style. But not today. Today I pulled my golden cardigan and sequined tank to compliment the dress. And I think I did a great job if you like the "matchy matchy" look like me. Turns out I just needed a cardigan to pull it off. However I am not 100% sold on the dress because it is too short. I think I will feel better pairing it with dark slacks next time. Until then…