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Outfit Planner: Kerela

Hello readers!

   We planned a family trip down to Kerela during Easter break. This is the second time we are planning the trip as the first time we had to cancel due to an emergency at my Hubby's work. I was really hoping that we could make it down there soon (preferably before we leave India for good) because Kerela has been on my travel bucket list since my college years.

As we did not have much time, we decided to stay there for four nights and five days, hoping it will be enough to do a little sight seeing but also relax and recuperate. Since  It was just for a few days, I packed a little:

Tops : grey jersey dress (not pictured, see below), white tunic dress, open cardigan, floral shirt (not pictured, see below)

Bottoms: tie dye jeans

Dresses: printed jumpsuit and pink maxi dress

Accessories : wedges, sandals, basket bag, scarves, sunhat, sunglasses and jewelry

It took me hours to pack for just five days. I had other things on my mind that day so I could not really concentrat…

DIM/DIY Refashion men's shirt

Hello dear readers!

Today I am giving you an easy DIY perfect for all your shirts that became too tight.

I had this HM men's shirt for ages now. I bought it because I liked the color and the pattern. The fact that it was oversized at the time was a plus. I wore it many times (here, here, here and here). But it became tight after I gained weight. I did not want to part with it until I found a replacement so I used to tie it around dresses and high waist skirt.

However recently I discovered a way to rock it as it is with a few alterations. It is to just add lace at the back. This Diy is not only for tight shirt but it can be used to revamp an old shirt as well.

What you will need:

- a men's shirt ( or any button down shirt that is too tight)
- a feminine and delicate fabric like lace or eyelet ( I used eyelet from an old tunic)
- a seam opener
- needle and thread ( or a sewing machine)

I took my men's shirt which had two seams in the back and opened them using a seam opener.…


Hello my readers!

Two weeks ago,  I went and had a nice Korean lunch with my nice Korean friends. The place, called Arirang, was a guesthouse with a small restaurant that reminded me of my college days. But we had a private room to ourselves. My friend called in advance and ordered one of my favorite Korean dish: Bibimbap which is white rice with lots of vegetables and egg on top that you mix with Kochujan, a spicy sauce. I have not had the food in years. Come to think of it, the last time I had a proper Bibimbap was during my college years. There was a nice Korean restaurant not far from my apartment where I used to hang with my fellow foreign classmates. What I love the most about eating in Korean restaurants is that they bring out this spread of complimentary appetizers that you nibble on before the main dish. Today we were treated to Kimchi, peanuts with soy sauce, radish and spinach salad, and fried stuffed peppers. It was delicious. The Bibimbap came with a seaweed soup that took…