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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Outfit Planner: Kerela

Hello readers!

   We planned a family trip down to Kerela during Easter break. This is the second time we are planning the trip as the first time we had to cancel due to an emergency at my Hubby's work. I was really hoping that we could make it down there soon (preferably before we leave India for good) because Kerela has been on my travel bucket list since my college years.

As we did not have much time, we decided to stay there for four nights and five days, hoping it will be enough to do a little sight seeing but also relax and recuperate. Since  It was just for a few days, I packed a little:

Tops : grey jersey dress (not pictured, see below), white tunic dress, open cardigan, floral shirt (not pictured, see below)

Bottoms: tie dye jeans

Dresses: printed jumpsuit and pink maxi dress

Accessories : wedges, sandals, basket bag, scarves, sunhat, sunglasses and jewelry

It took me hours to pack for just five days. I had other things on my mind that day so I could not really concentrate on the task at hand. The morning of the trip. I was still packing. I wanted comfy clothes but in very airy fabrics since I have learned that March was one of the hottest month in Kerala.  But somehow I could not find my separates to match the way I intended. At that moment I just envied people who basically thrown on whatever and just get on with their trips. Anyway, the suitcase was finally packed minutes before we left for the airport.

Jersey scarf, jersey tunic, tie dye jeans and wedges or what I wore at the airport and for the 1st day of our trip.

I was happy with all the clothes I packed but somehow I regretted not taking more. For one thing, Kerela is extremely hot and humid. Therefore, after a few minutes walking outside, I was sweating profusely. Needless to say that my clothes were wet. There was no washing machine at the hotel, but I did dry them outside on the balcony. Yet, they still had that lingering sweat odor.

Can you spot me?
White scarf, white tee, open cardigan, jumpsuit and metallic sandals or what I wore day one of our stay in Allepey.

Moreover, it rained one night on our way back to the ferry and we got drenched. To top it all, I forgot to pack essentials such as another bra and leggings for my see-through dress. I had to go buy a new pair of leggings at the store.

Sunhat, white tunic, jumpsuit and metallic sandals or what I wore day two of our time in Allepey.

Nevertheless, I was content. And I learned a few things along the way. The jersey tunic is perfect for travelling. A pair of white jeans (even tie dyed) is definitely not a good idea as it gets dirty rather quickly. And a white cotton tunic (even thrifted at the last minute) will elevate any outfit. But next time, I go somewhere tropical, I am packing only tees and cotton palazzo pants (and maybe a white maxi dress). I am done fussing.

At Kochi airport wearing a floral shirt, pink maxi, newly purchased white leggings and metallic sandals.

Stay tune for more on our Kerelan adventures.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DIM/DIY Refashion men's shirt

Hello dear readers!

Today I am giving you an easy DIY perfect for all your shirts that became too tight.

I had this HM men's shirt for ages now. I bought it because I liked the color and the pattern. The fact that it was oversized at the time was a plus. I wore it many times (here, here, here and here). But it became tight after I gained weight. I did not want to part with it until I found a replacement so I used to tie it around dresses and high waist skirt.

However recently I discovered a way to rock it as it is with a few alterations. It is to just add lace at the back. This Diy is not only for tight shirt but it can be used to revamp an old shirt as well.

What you will need:

- a men's shirt ( or any button down shirt that is too tight)
- a feminine and delicate fabric like lace or eyelet ( I used eyelet from an old tunic)
- a seam opener
- needle and thread ( or a sewing machine)

I took my men's shirt which had two seams in the back and opened them using a seam opener. If your shirt has one straight seam at the back, open that one. If it does not, just mark the middle of the shirt by folding it in half and cut a small opening in the back.

You decide how long you want your opening. You can go all the way to the top or stop at the middle or even stop lower like I did. Then place your shirt on top of the lace fabric. Decide how wide you want the added lace to be depending on how big you want your shirt to be. Then trace a triangle on the lace. Using that pattern, cut another triangle on the eyelet fabric. If you have one opening, one triangle will be enough.

Using you needle and thread or your machine, stitch the triangles to the shirt. It is as easy as one two three.

Men's shirt - HM and then refashioned
Skirt - tailor made and really old
Shoes - M.G. road 
Ring - gift

Close up on the back details!

I bought these shoes on impulse because I liked the mesh and the color. But the more I look at them, the more I dislike them now. My Mum would appreciate them more, I think.

How do you like it? I styled the shirt with a skirt but I cannot wait to wear it casually with jeans.

Monday, March 7, 2016


Hello my readers!

Two weeks ago,  I went and had a nice Korean lunch with my nice Korean friends. The place, called Arirang, was a guesthouse with a small restaurant that reminded me of my college days. But we had a private room to ourselves. My friend called in advance and ordered one of my favorite Korean dish: Bibimbap which is white rice with lots of vegetables and egg on top that you mix with Kochujan, a spicy sauce. I have not had the food in years. Come to think of it, the last time I had a proper Bibimbap was during my college years. There was a nice Korean restaurant not far from my apartment where I used to hang with my fellow foreign classmates. What I love the most about eating in Korean restaurants is that they bring out this spread of complimentary appetizers that you nibble on before the main dish. Today we were treated to Kimchi, peanuts with soy sauce, radish and spinach salad, and fried stuffed peppers. It was delicious. The Bibimbap came with a seaweed soup that took me back to Japan. The Bibimbap itself was very simple but the sauce and sesame oil made it delicious. I ate well while discussing with my Korean friends mostly about the difference between their country and mine. We talked about table etiquette, funerals, kids and so on.

The appetizers 

Bibimbap and Seaweed soup 

Over the years living abroad, I have found an affinity with Korean people. I have met so many generous and nice Korean women. And the funny thing is that they always approach me as I find it hard to go to people. But they come chat with me and open their homes to me. They even cook me Korean food whenever I say that I crave it. I am very lucky to be surrounded by such people.

And it is not only Korean. Japanese people too are very nice to me the minute they discover that I can speak their language. They welcome me like I am a part of them. And do not even get me started on Indonesians, Indians (particularly those who lived abroad), well foreigners in general.

I do not know if foreign people are generally nice or if it's the fact that since we all live abroad in a foreign land we have to stick together thing. But, living abroad I have met some of the nicest people I know, who were always ready to lend a hand or support me when I needed it. Obviously not everybody is like that. I have also encounter some real menace and stayed the hell away from them. Yet I am always in awe at people's openness, and tolerance and kindness. It restores my faith in humanity once again.

Anyway for this lunch, I wore my PJs as I affectionately call this matching floral shirt and pant set.

Scarf - Sandaga market
Floral ensemble - Westside
Shoes and bag - M.G. road
Earrings - Mariplex flea market
Necklace - Clover center
Ring - HM

This is the 3rd time I am wearing them. They are quite comfortable, as comfortable as PJs. You know how I feel about comfy clothes. But there is also something about the floral print that is quite romantic. Furthermore, it is a perfect two piece to own because it can be deconstructed later. Today I wore them with wedges but in the future I would love to dress them up more. Watch this blog for that!

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