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DIY/ DIM Tassel or Pom Pom shoes

If you have been following me on Instagram or Pinterest or even reading me, you would know that I have been obsessed with tassels and Pom poms recently. I had the itch to be making all sorts of things with them. Well today I am sharing two easy diys, I kind of stole from Pinterest. It is tassel or Pom Pom shoes.

It all started when I saw some Aquaazzura shoes on Pinterest that were really cute. But as usual I was not agreeing with the price tag particularly when they seemed so easy to Diy. So I went to score some Pom poms ( available at any stationary stores). And here is the result:

What you need:

- Strappy sandals
- Colorful Pom poms (available at any stationary store)
- Needle and thread ( or u can use plastic thread or elastic thread made for jewelry making)
- Beads ( I recycled some from an old shoe)
- Clasps ( make sure they are wide enough to fit through the straps of your shoes) ( I did not have Clasps at hand so I used fuzzy colored wire)

Step 1: Choose the colors you will us…

Cultural Appropriation

Hello there, my fellow readers!

I did a stupid thing recently. I was debating on Social Media about a topic that has been out there for a while if you live in the USA. And as a result I have been called names just because my opinion was slightly different from what was the norm. The issue I was debating is called Cultural Appropriation particularly in the fashion industry. For those of you who do not know,  cultural appropriation is the use, adoption or sometimes misuse of one element of a culture by someone from another culture. Most of the time it is done to minoritiy groups by dominant groups. It is an issue because these dominant groups use that element of a culture in such an inappropriate way that minorities see it as a sign of disrespect. Or worse, they appropriate it totally without even acknoweldging its origins. 

The issue was raised recently over two things. First, some fashion magazine was giving advice on how to sport an Afro but apparently it used a White person on the cov…

DIY/DIM Lace sleeves swing dress (In time for Valentine's day)

This dress that I am about to showcase was in no way intended for Valentine's day as I do not have plans that day ( yet). But since it is approaching, I think it would be inspiring for those of you who have a something something planed on that day!

This dress is a mix of scarps. It comes from two different fabrics: one in lace and the other one in Lycra. The Lycra was originally an asymmetric Kaftan and trumpet skirt that my Mother in law gave me back in 2002. But I never wore it because it hanged on my body in a sexy way. I gave the skirt away but kept the Kaftan. However I never got to wear it either. Fast forward to 2014, I turned it into two capes for my sons on Halloween. Since I still had the capes with me, I thought I would make a jersey dress similar to the two I constantly wear. Inspired by this tutorial, I started to cut the fabric only to find out that I did not have enough to make sleeves. No worries, I dug in my scarps' bag and found a lace fabric that was left ov…