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Monday, February 29, 2016

DIY/ DIM Tassel or Pom Pom shoes

If you have been following me on Instagram or Pinterest or even reading me, you would know that I have been obsessed with tassels and Pom poms recently. I had the itch to be making all sorts of things with them. Well today I am sharing two easy diys, I kind of stole from Pinterest. It is tassel or Pom Pom shoes.

It all started when I saw some Aquaazzura shoes on Pinterest that were really cute. But as usual I was not agreeing with the price tag particularly when they seemed so easy to Diy. So I went to score some Pom poms ( available at any stationary stores). And here is the result:

What you need:

- Strappy sandals
- Colorful Pom poms (available at any stationary store)
- Needle and thread ( or u can use plastic thread or elastic thread made for jewelry making)
- Beads ( I recycled some from an old shoe)
- Clasps ( make sure they are wide enough to fit through the straps of your shoes) ( I did not have Clasps at hand so I used fuzzy colored wire)

Step 1: Choose the colors you will use. I used two different color combinations: orange red and yellow, then purple green and blue because I think they compliment my purple ankle strap shoes better.

Step 2: Pass the Pom Pom then beads through the elastic thread using the needle. Make your own combination. I used one bead at the bottom, then the Pom Pom and ended up with five beads on top. When finished, cut the elastic thread way above the last bead so you have enough left to tie around.

Then attach all three colored lines together and add an additional bigger Beads. Make a loop with beads at the top. Then attach the clasp to that loop. If you use a fuzzy wire which is easier to bend, just attach the thread to it.

Step 3: Attach the clasp to the shoes and done. Or wrap the wire to the shoes.

See how easy that was. What I like to most is that you can remove the clasp and put it at the front of the shoes or at the back. Some other Diy out there will have you glue the Pom Poms to the shoes but that will not give you the opportunity to use the shoes as they are ( which I kind of want to do from time to time)

I went overboard and added more pompoms 

PS: You can even add small bells at the end of the Pom Pom to make yourself musical shoes like the Indian anklets.

The second Diy is even easier. I call it the Tasseled shoes

All you need is a pair of ankle straps sandals and tassels (I bought mine at store in M.G.road)

Step 1: Remove the strap from the closure.
Step 2: slide the tassel on the strap and done.

I tried pink and orange tassels because I like how they pop against my purple shoes but you can use any color you like. You can also add as many tassels as you want. The more the merrier. It was a very easy and cheap Diy ( the tassels cost like 5rps each) and now you have a new funky pair of shoes to enjoy!

What do you think? Easy, cheap and fun. A Diy that checks all.the boxes! 

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