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Jamais deux sans trois

Hello there!  They say: "Things come in three". Well I had the proof today as I attended my third baby shower this year. The wives association from my husband's company wanted to host a baby shower for two expecting mothers since Spring. However both women had difficult pregnancies. So we decided to wait till they had delivered. Now, four months after the birth of their children,  we all gathered to celebrate them and it was a surprise. Here is what I wore for the occasion: Scarf - random 100 yen shop in Eon Honmoku Sweater - Nissen online Tank - Daiso Blouse - G.U. Pants - H&M Shoes - gift from Hubby Necklace - Joa accessory in Harwin Houston I have been into blouses lately mainly because I realized that I do not have any at all. I do have button down shirts instead. So I decided to get some. Fortunately G.U. has a great collection that is super cheap. This one I am wearing was on sale for 999Y. I like the rust color and the fluidity of it. Plus it covers all the…

Messy Side Bun

Hello there!
School started again for my little bambinos, which means that my crazy mommy routine started again. You know the one I am talking about: waking up early, prepare lunch, prepare breakfast, wake up the kids, force feed them, shower them, make them wear their clothes and dash to take the bus on time. Fun, right? Anyway, as it is still hot and I do not have much time in the morning to play dress up,  I go for easy to wear, easy to style piece like this jumpsuit I got a while ago.

Here is what I wore:
Scarf - Langkawi night market
Tee - Shimamura
Jumpsuit - Shimamura
Bag - random shop in Takeshita Dori, Harajuku
Shoes - Forever 21
Accessories - H&M, Bazaar in Istanbul and gifted

If you have been reading me for a while, you know that back in 2010, I purchased three jumpsuits three weeks in a row. I decided to part with the polka dotted one because I just could not style it. I sent it home to be sold but regretted it months later when the polka dots trend was in full force.…

This is me

People who really know me, know that I am jean and tee kind of girl. The tees and jeans sizes may have shrunk or ballooned during the years but I remain true to myself. There is nothing easier to wear or style than jeans and tees. I may have grown tired of my jeans and switched to dresses and skirts (particularly under this heat) but for some reason I always go back to them. They are my security blanket, my go to style when I cannot think of nothing else to wear in the morning.
Today was a jean and tee kind of day even if I added this dress as a tunic.
Here is what I wore:

Scarf - Walmart
Tee - Homes
Dress - Thrifted
Pants - H&M
Shoes - Forever 21
Accessories - H&M, thrifted and gifted

This dress was a great find at one of my fave place to shop in Yokohama, 390 Mart. I talked about this place so many times in this blog but it is really the place to go. For 409 Yen (less than $6) you get so many great finds like this Old Navy printed dress (or a Catherine Malandrino dress that was…

Eid in Dubai

Eid Mubarak to all of you. May GOD forgives us our sins and accepts our duas at the end of the holy month.
I am back in Dubai for less than two days. I did spend a lot of time sleeping to rest after the long trip from Senegal to Dubai. However I went out to visit my girl and her husband. In fact today we spent Eid at their house. My girl cooked lamb and potato gratin with green salad and a decadent upside down cake. I have not had such tender meat in a while. She remains a great cook. After the food we just sat and chit chat, then headed down to Dubai Marina for a walk. It was early night so the weather was still bearable. We had a small breeze from the beach. The town was packed with couples and families taking a stroll or eating out. I thought that it was because of Eid but apparently the place is always packed.
Anyway for EId, here is what I wore:

Abbaya -gift from Mother in law
Sandals - Forever 21

My mother in law gave me this Abbaya with matching shawl back in 2006. I arrived h…


Na ngen def? (means how you doing in Wolof, traditional language in my country).
I arrived safe and sound back home where I am having a great time, visiting family and such.
Today I wanted to show you a new tunic that I had someone make. I wanted some western clothes in African prints. Therefore before coming I sent some pictures of clothes I liked to my parents and they showed it to a tailor. The later did an okay job reproducing what I asked for (slight harem pants, maxi dress, maxi skirt and tunic). But there are some imperfections. Reason why I am going to visit him personally to relay my ideas. Anyway today I wore this tunic even though I think it needs alterations.

Scarf - Langkawi night market
Sunglasses - Daiso
Tunic - tailor made
Leggings - Uniqlo
Beaded sandals - Gift from my Dad I just went out for some food shopping around town, nothing fancy so this dress came in extra handy for being super comfy. I liked it so much that I may even leave it the way …