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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Looking foward to.....Spring/ Summer 2010

It is freaking cold. It even snowed last night, not enough to stop me from going out anyway. All this cold weather is making me dream of Summer. I want to be hot again.
But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Before Summer, must come Spring. So I am daydreaming about spring outfits. No more talk, just enjoy the pics!

                                                          Marine Look:
                                                                     Cap (Ross)
                                                                      Blue Blazer (Walmart)
                                                                      Striped Tee (Gap)
                                                                      A line skirt (Gap)
                                                                      White ballerina (I world)

                                                                   Mori Girl:
                                                                    Tan faux leather jacket with grey hood (Shimamura)
                                                                     White tee ( Hanes)
                                                                      Floral pantsuits (Shimamura)
                                                                       Rockport wedge (Ross)

                                                             Jungle Fever:
                                                                  Ruffled scarf (H&M)
                                                                  Military green poncho (Shimamura)
                                                                   Grey shirt (Hanes)
                                                                 Skinny Jeans (Ross)
                                                                 Leopard print flats (Sandaga market)
                                                                 Beaded bangle (Sandaga market)

                                                                     Stripped fun:

                       Beige scarf with violet flower (present from Dad, had it for more than 10 years)
                       Tan faux leather jacket (Shimamura)
                        Stripped dress (H&M)
                        Rockport wedge (Ross)

Can't wait to wear these!
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