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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hello everyone!
How is 2015 treating you so far?

I am doing fine, trying to get back into my routine after 3 weeks of vacations. And speaking of routine, I should get back to sewing. I have been studying new things I want to make with the fabrics I already have like a lace jacket or a duster.

 In the mean time, let me introduce to you this tricolor dress I made a while back. It was one of the first thing I tried to make by myself after graduating from Fashion Design school last year. I got inspired by another sleeveless tunic dress I own that is so easy to wear.

The inspiration: 4 colors sleeveless tunic

So I went to the market and purchase 2 meters of pink and orange fabric ( polyester). I already had a black fabric at home. For the zipper, I used one from an old tee. It took me forever to make the dress, and I am still not satisfied with it totally. The zipper and the sleeves were particularly hard to pull off. Overall, I am just OK with the dress because it really defines me: comfy, colorful, oversize and happy. I think I need more dresses like that in my life (but with more structure aka darts, zipper or button....Sheesh!!!)

So what do you think?

Tri color dress - Did it myself
Leggings - Clover Center
Shoes - Westside

Bad Zipper (my teacher would weep!)

Another bathroom selfie

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Days off

Hello everyone!

  So have you all settled back in your routine after weeks of celebrating?

I just came back from three weeks holiday from my home town Dakar. And between the long trip ( 13 hours plane, 7 hours lay over, 4 hours by car), the jet lag, unpacking, and cleaning the mess that was my place, I am still lost. I think that I need another week for things to be back to normal.

As a new year comes, we are pressured into making resolutions that most of us will forget by the time February arrives. You know the usual suspects : lose weight, be more productive at work, spend more time with family and friends.
I never make new resolutions for the same reasons I mentioned above. But I decided since last year that I wanted more out of life than just what I have right now. I want to do more things, learn more things, make more money, make new friends. I want to live and thrive instead of just surviving. I want to enjoy life more. But I also want to be more zen, not let things affect me in such a way that I lose myself. I realized that I am prone to anger and frustration and this has lead to poor health.

So if I will make a new resolution this year, it will be "be more" and "appreciate more".

Speaking of "appreciating more", I realized that I probably live in one of the best neighborhood around town: Kalyani Nagar. It has almost everything I need in such a short walk from my place. It came to me last Sunday when I went to buy fresh chicken for lunch. On the way, I stopped by the shoe repair guy to ask him to fix the straps of my sandals. Then I went and bought fresh vegetables at the corner. Finally I went further down the road at a studio to inquire about after school program for my children. In less than 45 minutes I did all my errands and did not even need a car. And it gets better. There are many good and cheap restaurants there, a cinema, a bakery, many stationary shops, three pharmacies, a tailor, several fruit shops and a grocery store. I just need a mall and I would be completely satisfied (lol). It was hard finding a place to live when we first arrived in India, but we knew we had a winner when we visited our apartment for it is spacious and well build. But the cherry on the top is definitely the neighborhood. I do not think I would have been happier anywhere else.

Cardigan - Marshalls
Denim shirt - Aeon
Leggings - Dots
Slip-ons - Ross

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hello everyone. Sorry to be MIA on the blog for a while but I have been busy. The end of the year was stressful as I had to attend several school events and pack for a three weeks vacations. I went home with my family to visit my family. And I had the best time. I did no do much except hang with my family and in laws. I went outba couple of times to the hotspots of town and met with friends I have not seen in ten years all by pure chance. It was just a peaceful, stress free time. Talking with my Dad for hours, my brothers opening up to me about their future plans, celebrating my husband and Mother' birthdays,  stuffing myself on the same new year eve menu we had for the last 25 years or so and discovering the town with my kids were just magical. My only regret was not taking the time to meet my former classmates.
I never really talk about home on this blog maybe because I am rarely there. My husband says that it is because I do not like it there and if it was only me I would never go back. But in reality I love my country but ever since I was a little girl I never fit in. Growing up I prefered hip hop and r'n'b to our Mbalax national, some of our traditional values just irked me and I could not wait to leave. I was just different and still is. Living abroad has been a challenge but I liked it. I never quite fit in too but I always thought life abroad ( particularly in developped countries) was way better than at home. High speed Internet, hot showers, no power cuts and the fact that I could be alone, undisturb by neighbors or family were things I could never have at home. But as I am getting older I am slowly changing my mind. I could never be at home abroad even with all these perks. Any small problem errupts and I could be forced to leave. Plus my parents are aging. They are still healthy Thank God but I crave their company more and more. Furthermore my children deserve to be surrounded by their extended families. After all it takes a village to raise a child. Finally as my country is emerging economically there are more opportunities for me to be part of that growth. I want to contribute.
Going back will be hard. I am no longer used to certain things, unspoken rules of the society mainly family taxes ( every African knows what I am talking about. For those who do not every member of a family is expected to financially help in case of funerals, weddings, or just in every day life). I do not even think in my national language or French anymore. It will be hard but it is something that I think will be beneficial in the long run for my family and I. 

Dakar view from Mamelles Lighthouse

Other side view 

New year's eve TV diner

Sunset at Corniche

Shallow pool at Corniche

Sunset at Mamelles Lighthouse

Birthday Cake

View of Goree Island from Dakar
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