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Hello everyone!
How is 2015 treating you so far?

I am doing fine, trying to get back into my routine after 3 weeks of vacations. And speaking of routine, I should get back to sewing. I have been studying new things I want to make with the fabrics I already have like a lace jacket or a duster.

 In the mean time, let me introduce to you this tricolor dress I made a while back. It was one of the first thing I tried to make by myself after graduating from Fashion Design school last year. I got inspired by another sleeveless tunic dress I own that is so easy to wear.

The inspiration: 4 colors sleeveless tunic
So I went to the market and purchase 2 meters of pink and orange fabric ( polyester). I already had a black fabric at home. For the zipper, I used one from an old tee. It took me forever to make the dress, and I am still not satisfied with it totally. The zipper and the sleeves were particularly hard to pull off. Overall, I am just OK with the dress because it really defines me: comfy,…

Days off

Hello everyone!

  So have you all settled back in your routine after weeks of celebrating?

I just came back from three weeks holiday from my home town Dakar. And between the long trip ( 13 hours plane, 7 hours lay over, 4 hours by car), the jet lag, unpacking, and cleaning the mess that was my place, I am still lost. I think that I need another week for things to be back to normal.

As a new year comes, we are pressured into making resolutions that most of us will forget by the time February arrives. You know the usual suspects : lose weight, be more productive at work, spend more time with family and friends.
I never make new resolutions for the same reasons I mentioned above. But I decided since last year that I wanted more out of life than just what I have right now. I want to do more things, learn more things, make more money, make new friends. I want to live and thrive instead of just surviving. I want to enjoy life more. But I also want to be more zen, not let things affect me in…


Hello everyone. Sorry to be MIA on the blog for a while but I have been busy. The end of the year was stressful as I had to attend several school events and pack for a three weeks vacations. I went home with my family to visit my family. And I had the best time. I did no do much except hang with my family and in laws. I went outba couple of times to the hotspots of town and met with friends I have not seen in ten years all by pure chance. It was just a peaceful, stress free time. Talking with my Dad for hours, my brothers opening up to me about their future plans, celebrating my husband and Mother' birthdays,  stuffing myself on the same new year eve menu we had for the last 25 years or so and discovering the town with my kids were just magical. My only regret was not taking the time to meet my former classmates.
I never really talk about home on this blog maybe because I am rarely there. My husband says that it is because I do not like it there and if it was only me I would neve…