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Culotté (Social Media Etiquette)


Today's post will be a lengthy rant about the lack of etiquette in using social media. (You have been warned)

I am a fan of social media. Each of the ones I use serves a different purpose. I go on Facebook to connect with my friends who are scattered all over the world. Whatsapp also serves the same purpose except that it is reserved for those friends that I have a closer connection with. I use Instagram and Blogger to share my passion for fashion. I also use it to travel without ever living my house. I also use Pinterest for fashion and styling tips. And finally I go on Twitter to relieve my stress and laugh out loud. I am very present on social media. I like to engage in discussions, drool on styles and troll my friends. But what I hate the most is when someone in my circle sends me a porn video or some other sensitive thing.

Recently, a male friend of mine sent me a porn video. We were chatting on Whatsapp and he asked me what I was doing. I answered that I was looking fo…