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Tokyo Girls Collection

In the fashion world, there something much anticipated by designers, buyers, celebrities and fashionistas. It is Fashion Week.
Japan is no different. There is a Tokyo fashion week. However, there is something quite similar to Fashion week, yet very different that started in 2005. It is Tokyo Girls Collection.

TGC is a bi-annual 5 hour fashion carnival taking place in an arena which can hold 15.000 people. Japanese models showcase collections for Japanese (and sometime foreign) trendy brands, and on top of that there is also entertainment from Japanese and Korean pop artists. However what makes the show interesting -aside from the fact that only affordable brands are displayed- is that spectators can purchase any item they see on the runway on the spot. By using their mobile phone, they log on to the show site and buy the item of their choosing. 

TGC has grown so popular that only well known Japanese models (/actors/singers) can appear. It is also a way for a new brand to make a name…

Earthquake gear

An earthquake just hit Japan. It was and is still devastating. I do not know how many people died because the death toll is rising. The images on the TV are scary and depressing. And it is not over yet: there is a nuclear power plant that is in danger of exploding.

I am safe, and my family and friends as well. It is such a blessing that nothing happened to us. The earthquake made me realized how unprepared I was. I do not even own an emergency bag containing all the things I need to survive in case I was to evacuate. However, I made my research and this is what I found out.

- Food (non perishable and dry food)
- First aid kit
- Important documents (or a copy)
- Warm clothes or rain gear, strong sneakers
- Blanket
- Work gloves
- Duct tapes and tools
- Flashlight
- Radio
- toiletries (tooth brush, paste, soap)
- Household liquid bleach or purifying tablets to purify water

I know this will make the bag super heavy but these items are really needed once you evacuate. It is not kn…

Best place to shop in Japan (Tokyo/ Yokohama)

When I moved back to Japan, I created this blog to talk about my fashion life here. However, I realised that I am not really doing any of it. I talk more about me and less about fashion life in Japan. That is why I decided the following posts will deal only about shopping in Japan.

Today, I will talk about my favorite places to shop in Tokyo, Yokohama area. This post maybe long, so bear with me.


 My best friend showed me the Spanish brand. And I have been hooked ever since. I am 1.68m, and weigh 60 kilos (one a good day). I have wide hips and a big bottom. Therefore it was always hard for me to find pants my size in Japan. (If you dont' have no idea what Japanese women look like, just think of Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie. They-mostly young girls-are petite and weigh around 48 kilos.)Sometimes I had to shop in men's place to find something my size. But this stopped when I discovered Zara. Before going to live in the States, almost all my pants were from Zara. The fir…