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Party Fools

Hello faithful readers!

I recently made the mistake of organizing yet another diner with my colleagues. I ended up having a great time but I was irritated at the beginning mainly because of my friends' behavior. It was not the first time I organised a diner. The first time was fun but was such a hassle to do that I had decided then and there that I would never do it again. But for some reasons I forgot.

You see, I love organizing, coordinating. I always kid that I would love to be a wedding planner because planning gives me so much joy. But try organizing a simple dinner for a bunch of highly opinionated, strong headed women. The diner I organized made me realize that there are several types of annoying people at parties that I would love to avoid.  And here there are:

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The cheap one will always complain about how everything is expensive even though I already told her the price before ha…