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"Life is too short,  buy the shoes!" I wished I could live by that moto. I often deprive myself of little pleasures just because. I see a fabulous pair shoes at the mall but I do not get it. I see the red velvet cake I have been eying at the bakery but I resist it. I have coupons for the spa waiting to be used but I do not go. Why am I doing this?  Why am I always denying my self? What am I so scared of? True, I have too many shoes and really do not need to buy more. But one more pair of shoes will not hurt me and my bank account. If I end up never wearing them,  I can sell them. And if I wear them, they will make me happy. And what about the spa? I do not have much time to enjoy a full body massage and all that jazz but I could get a mani pedi.  And that is what I did today. I went and got myself a pedicure. It was not my first time getting one.  But I never got to enjoy the full experience on previous occasions because it easily takes two hours. And who has time for that? …

Vidéos killed Music

A while back,  I decided to watch the VMAs. I was shocked after the first five minutes.  Arianna Grande,  Jessie J and Nicki Minaj did the opening act.  It was the usual girls wearing almost nothing and grinding on stage.  Obviously Nicki Minaj 's performance was so raunchy it was censored whether by MTV itself or the Indian channel, I would never know.( Judge for yourself here and while you are at it watch the whole thing for more raunchy performance by female singers including Beyonce).  And watching the real Anaconda video recently, I understood why. (it is a must see to say the least)
But it got me thinking about female singers lately. They are all so oversexual. Last year we all screamed when the former Disney child actor turned pop singer Miley Cyrus twerked in Robin Thicke groins.  We were equally shocked when Beyonce opened with her butt hanging in the air at her performance for the AMAs. But this has become common practice. Now if you want to be a successful female sing…