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Sunday, September 28, 2014


"Life is too short,  buy the shoes!"

I wished I could live by that moto. I often deprive myself of little pleasures just because. I see a fabulous pair shoes at the mall but I do not get it. I see the red velvet cake I have been eying at the bakery but I resist it. I have coupons for the spa waiting to be used but I do not go. Why am I doing this?  Why am I always denying my self? What am I so scared of? True, I have too many shoes and really do not need to buy more. But one more pair of shoes will not hurt me and my bank account. If I end up never wearing them,  I can sell them. And if I wear them, they will make me happy. And what about the spa? I do not have much time to enjoy a full body massage and all that jazz but I could get a mani pedi. 

And that is what I did today. I went and got myself a pedicure. It was not my first time getting one.  But I never got to enjoy the full experience on previous occasions because it easily takes two hours. And who has time for that? Today I sat for an hour and a half. As a result, my feet are super soft plus I had my toenails painted. I am a henna girl but I thought that I could give nail polish a try particularly when someone else is doing it for me. I felt great but I could not quite relax. During the whole thing I kept on thinking that I would feel better shopping. What is wrong with me?

I really need to learn to indulge more. My best friend says that I am afraid of getting out of my comfort zone. She may be right. I am a housewife and my life revolve around my family. I take care of their every need but often ignore mine. The only thing that I seem to do for myself these days are eating, watching TV,  Zumba and shopping. But I am thinking that there is more to life than just that.  I want to have fun and laugh out loud. I want to do something out of the ordinary that does not involve spending too much money or putting myself in harm's way.  I want to go see a concert, a show, enroll in a class. 

Speaking of depriving myself, this sequin tee is almost as old as my second son yet it it the third time I am wearing it. I find it too daunting to wear in broad daylight. It is too bright,  too shiny. "But what is the worse that could happen if I wear it? " I asked myself this morning. "Maybe draw attention to myself." was my answer. So I put it on and went on to enjoy a sunny Sunday: pedicure,  burgers for lunch and a quick stop at the Women's entrepreneurs fair (where I did not buy a single thing however tempting it was). It was not as bad as I thought. Sometimes in life you have to take chances, you have to indulge,  you have to wear sequins in daylight, buy the danm shoes, eat the cake and get those toes painted..... Before they turn the lights out.

Sequin tee - Forever 21 via Factory 2 u
Dress worn as a skirt -  M. G. road
Shoes -  Sole to Soul
Painted toenails - Aroma Thai

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