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DIM: Fingerprint painting on bowls

I am bored. And when I am bored, I am restless. I need to do things. I would have loved to make more jewelry, or pimp a tee shirt by adding some sequins to it. However I have not found a place where I could go and find all the materials I need for that. So in the meantime, I am doing things with materials that is easy to find.
I saw a nice little project on Pinterest a while back. A woman painted on some glasses using her fingertips. I have been dying to recreate it. So yesterday, I went to the supermarket and picked up some paint and a set of ice cream bowls. The truth is I wanted to pick those items up a while back and even did put them on my basket just to back out at the last moment. Anyway, this time, I bought them and what do you know, the set of 6 ice cream bowls was marked downed from 150 rupees to 79 rupees. The entire thing with the paint cost me like 119 rupees (a steal if you ask me).

 This morning, I went on my task. I found a fish plate that I never use to lay out the 6…

Item Numbers

Do you know what an item number is? Well if you watch Bollywood movies you may have an idea. If not, let me try and explain. Item numbers are sexy (often raunchy) songs danced by a sexy Bollywood actress in the middle of a Bollywood movie. We all know that in Bollywood movies, actors often break into singing super long songs for no reasons, there is the hero (or heroin) song, the love song and then the item song. Usually the later does not have anything to do with the plot of the movie. It is often a scene from a night club or a gentlemen's club (not to say strip club) where a girl with doubtful reputation sings and dances for the hero or bad guy.   I have been hooked on item songs recently after watching Dabangg, a funny cop movie. They had a very upbeat item number that got stuck in my head. Now, I enjoy my fair share of Bollywood songs but there is something different about items songs. For one they make the perfect workout song as they are often fast and high tempo. The move…

My new shopping experience : Fairs

I have been in India for almost 5 months now. I am finding my footing although recent events had plunged me into a small depression. I was feeling powerless and kept asking GOD the power to let me accept things I could not change. Now, before you worry, it was nothing major but still I felt frustrated. I am not sure I am there yet but I hope that the worse is behind me. Letting go is never easy but sometimes it helps you reached peace of mind. Now there are things I have power over here like shopping. Although, I have to say that I am not really satisfied. Pune is a small city but it has many malls that have name brands that can satisfy shopping addicts like myself. However there is no rapport between quality and price. I find that the finer things are often overpriced, and the not so fine things are cheap. It is almost hard to find something nice for a reasonable price. I am cheap shopper and although Japan was expensive I could find great deals at places like Gap, Zara and H&M …

Mixing it up!

Hello everyone How are you all doing? Me I am fine considering that I drowning here. India is tougher that I thought but I am not going to let her drown me. I will fight back. It is just that right now, I may have lost a battle or two. I will regroup and come back with better strategies. Anyway, another struggle for me is to find something that fit in my closet after gaining so much weight. I have to say that although I love all my clothes, I have a strong urge to just ditch them and find some new ones that fit. Anyway, today was a good day as I found something I liked and fit (kind of) in my closet.  Here is what I wore:

Scarf - gift from my Dad Shirt - H&M men Tank top - can't remember Skirt - Tailor made back home Shoes - Ross Bag - Random store in Harajuku Accessories - somewhere in Japan

I have been dying to recreate this mixed print look ever since I saw it on the Stella Jean collection. Well, I did not go the crazy way and mixed prints of different colors. I am not tha…