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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

C'est le dimanche

I rarely do an outfit post on Sundays because I spend most of my Sundays at home wearing sweats or going out to the park wearing things that are not worth blogging about (this outfit is not worth blogging about either). But this Sunday was different. The weather was nicer after two days of rain. Therefore we decided to go to Yokohama for a walk.
Here is what I wore:

Pic taken at Minato Mirai next to World Porters department store

Knit hat - H&M
Old coat - ???
Grey sweater - Thrifted
Turtle neck tee- 390 Mart
Bag - Honey
Pants - FOS Malaysia
Shoes - Ross

After a big lunch (pics at the end of the post) of Senegalese Yassa, roasted chicken and rice with sora mame (beans), we decided to go to Yokohama for a walk. We took the train to Minato Mirai and walk from there to Bay Quarter Yokohama. It took us more than 30mns but we enjoyed every minute of it. I always go to Yokohama and Minato Mirai but today I discovered some places I have never seen before like that park with a small playground next to 109 Cinema or the training field  Marinos football team uses during the J league season. It was like seeing a new side of Yokohama, a side I totally liked.

Sitting on a heart shaped sofa in Bay Quarter department store

Accessories: gifted, and bought somewhere in Japan

This guy was being filmed by a video crew walking very very slowly. I am thinking it is for a promotion video (of what I am not sure)

It is graduation season in Japan. Many Japanese ladies wearing the Hakama for the occasion

Dragon Boat at Minato Mirai (very popular boats equipped with bar and kitchen for Spring and Summer cruises)

Bay Quarter in Yokohama Station (next to Sogo department store)

We ended up in Bay Quarter, a place I wanted to see for so long. I was a bit disappointed because it was any other department store but with less stuff and brands I usually do not know or like. The kids had a blast playing at Broderlund, a German based toys store. They had lots of toys to see and some to play with inside the store. I like the concept of the store but talk about overpriced. I did visit the same store in Leaf building on the other side of Minato mirai and knew about their hefty prices but to see them again was a shock. Nevertheless they are great toys and if I had the money I would buy them in a heart beat for my kids.

Sakura tiramisu at Sogo department store depa chika

After the kids finished playing (well they never finished, I had to drag them out of the store), we went looking for sweets at Sogo depa chika. Depa chika (department store basement) is a place where all kinds of food pre-cooked and cooked is sell. You have bakeries, Japanese dry condiments, take out food, anything you are looking for and craving can be found there. We went around looking for things, and almost going crazy at such delicacies. We ended up buying some mini croissants and mini pastries and headed home. At the train station, I spotted this lady wearing these crazy leggings and boots I cannot understand nor explain. Just see the pic below.

               Fashionista wearing crazy printed leggings and boots with blue velvet cloth like...I cannot even explain. Anyway what I thought were leg warmers turn out to be part of the boots

Actually, from the moment I left the house, I kept seeing crazy things I wanted to snap at but did not dare to as I am scared. I was telling my husband than when it came to fashion, Japanese ladies are fearless. Lady Gaga ain't got nothing on them. I mean I saw a girl wearing neon pompom earrings (looked DIY), another wearing black tights with bones on them, another wearing some booties with horse like heels (a la Gaga)...So many wild stuff. I just wish I could have a contact lens like camera inserted in my eyes and blinked twice each time I wanted to take a pic of something (like in Ghost protocol). But I guess, I will just have to master the courage  to ask those fashionistas for their pics. I am sure they would not mind as it is flattering to have a pic taken. And I need a new camera as well. I would never pass as a professional blogger with a crappy camera like mine.

Anyway, we arrived home late, talked to the family on Skype till 11. I was so exhausted but happy that I went out. I wish I take the time time to just go for walks and nothing else because I live in such a great place. Yokohama is amazing and I do not regret moving here for one bit.

So how was your Sunday?

Our lunch! No wonder we need to walk to shed those calories

Yassa (or sauce made with lemon and plenty of onions)

Roasted chicken

Thursday, March 22, 2012

And another one

Today I had another baby shower to attend. I swear I am surrounded by so many pregnant ladies that I started to wonder about having another child (watching the movie Babies did not help either). I would love a girl but just the thought of doing it all over again (the sleepless nights, the diaper changes, the lack of freedom) creeps me out. "In another life" I keep telling myself.

Anyway today was really like a Spring day so I decided to wear this:

Knit hat - H&M
World oldest coat- can't even remember where I got it
Grey open cardi - Ross
Teal top - Gap
Jeans - Thrifted
Bag - Honey
Shoes - Shimamura

I knew the baby shower would be a casual affair so I did not want to dress up. However I wanted to look nice,  meaning better than usual. I thought about wearing a skirt or a dress but decided to go for my jeans instead. See I had this picture of a blogger I discovered recently and I knew I had to wear my teal top. The poor thing has been sleeping in my closet since September waiting to be worn. It could not wait any longer.

As much as I love wearing boots, I miss my ballet flats. I wanted to wear these today. I bought them last year in March and wore them twice only. They are super comfy but the "jewels" keep falling off, thus I am not very eager to wear the shoes. I am thinking that I should replace them with another shoe clip. But today as I was walking with the shoes my oldest son told me that my shoes were singing. He was refering to the sound the "jewels" made when I was walking. I was chuckling at the sweet thing when my youngest who is learning to talk turned around and said "Nice shoes, Mommy!". Right there, they just made my day.

The shoes with the "jewels" that keep falling off

The baby shower which was a breakfast really was great. We all sat down and shared horror stories about our delivery, each story more hilarious than the previous one. We had delicious treats that all of us made. I forgot the cake I woke up at 5 AM to make, on the bus. And once I got on the bus I knew I would because I put it behind me and all the way through the ride I was chatting with another mommy friend of mine. I still have to go to the lost and found to retrieve it. The nice people there decided to put the cake in the fridge until I came to pick it up. I should probably give them a slice. What you think?

My accessories: gifted Dior bracelet and the rest I got myself but cannot remember where.

Anyway, we ate, talked and gave gifts to the Moms to be. They were sweet enough to surprise us with gifts as well, candles shaped like cakes (and they smell like it too). We discovered that baby showers were only an American thing. But I decided that it is a thing I love to attend to. I mean, sitting around and talking about babies, diapers, epidurals and baby weight all day with great ladies, what is not to love?

Anniversaire Sweets Candle Mango tart. Mine was a chocolate cupcake

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baby Shower

I assisted to my first baby shower today.
An Indian friend of mine had her shower today and I was among the non Indian guests. I was very excited to go. And days before, I was thinking about what I was going to where. Being my first shower I even did some research as to what was appropriate to wear. It inspires me to even write an article about baby shower attire (you can read it here).

However, all the preparation did not lead me anywhere. Being undecided and dressing up in a rush this morning did not help me pick an outfit I liked enough. I was comfy but a bit disappointed in myself.

Here is what I wore:

I am not smiling coz am so tired

Scarf - Langkawi night market
Coat - Thrifted
Bolero - some random shop in Machida
Turtle neck - Seoul night market
Dress - Thrifted
Shoes - ABC Mart

I had been so busy this week that I did not have time to pick an outfit for the party ahead of time. I knew I wanted something comfy because I was to rush from my son's playgroup to the shower. However I did not want to wear another jean. I knew I would probably go for a maxi dress or a maxi skirt. So this morning I just dig this dress from my closet and style an outfit around it in litterally 5 minutes.

Who's the pregnant lady now? Not very flattering outfit!

I was happy about my choice until I arrived at the shower and saw every other lady dressed in colorful Sarees and Shalwar Kazeem. I knew they would wear an Indian outfit but for some reasons, it did not registed until I saw them all. I immediately regretted not digging up my tailored made Indian outfit such as my golden Shalwar Kazeem or my green tunic complete with the Chunari (or scarf). Even my Indian friends were telling me that I should have worn it.  Nevertheless I was okay with what I wore because even if I had worn something Indian there was no way it could match the explosion of colors and prints on the Indian ladies outfits.

The coordinator of the shower wearing a beautiful blue Saree

The Indian ladies had some serious bling; my favorite a square shaped bangle

My serious bling: Peacock earrings from Forever 21

The shower started with the mum to be being blessed by the other ladies. She was given offerings of fruits and rice, and she put some turmeric on her face and body. It was all so beautiful and touching because usually it is the family that is supposed to do it. However since they are miles away, her friends got to do it for her. After the blessings, we had some Indian food that was so delicious, hand made and all vegetarian. My favorite appetizer was this green bean mash with walnut and other dried beans. It was so simple yet so amazingly good.

The appetizers, don't ask me for names...

After the appetizers, we moved on tho the games. We took turn guessing the mum's belly size, then we each tried to introduce ourselves by saying the word "baby" before each word. It was hilarious. My favorite game was when we all tried to draw a baby on a plate placed on top of our heads. Some of the babies drawn look more like insects than actual babies.

But what would be an Indian party without some dancing? We turned the music up and shook our tails. It was all easy moves so each one of us could dance. I laughed so hard. It occurred to me that I had not danced in a long time.

After all this work, we finally ate more Indian delicacies: some Choli, Palak Paneer, basmati rice, vegetable curry, Paratha and I do not know what else. Everything was finger licking good. I was so happy around all this food that I beg some ladies I met for the first time for their friendship. I told them I wanted to go to their house and eat their food everyday. They assured me that they did not cook this way everyday. Yet, to eat such food they must be lucky. I mean if I could eat like that everyday, I would turn into a vegetarian without a second thought.

Spicy, colorful and finger licking food

My first shower was a great experience. I met some wonderful ladies for the first time today but they were all so nice and warm I felt right at home. I did not want to leave. I always wanted to attend an Indian wedding (and maybe someday I will) but for today I was so happy attending the Indian baby shower. I wish my friend all the best for her and her baby.

A guest made this diaper cake herself
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