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C'est le dimanche

I rarely do an outfit post on Sundays because I spend most of my Sundays at home wearing sweats or going out to the park wearing things that are not worth blogging about (this outfit is not worth blogging about either). But this Sunday was different. The weather was nicer after two days of rain. Therefore we decided to go to Yokohama for a walk.
Here is what I wore:

Pic taken at Minato Mirai next to World Porters department store
Knit hat - H&M
Old coat - ???
Grey sweater - Thrifted
Turtle neck tee- 390 Mart
Bag - Honey
Pants - FOS Malaysia
Shoes - Ross

After a big lunch (pics at the end of the post) of Senegalese Yassa, roasted chicken and rice with sora mame (beans), we decided to go to Yokohama for a walk. We took the train to Minato Mirai and walk from there to Bay Quarter Yokohama. It took us more than 30mns but we enjoyed every minute of it. I always go to Yokohama and Minato Mirai but today I discovered some places I have never seen before like that park with a small playgro…

And another one

Today I had another baby shower to attend. I swear I am surrounded by so many pregnant ladies that I started to wonder about having another child (watching the movie Babies did not help either). I would love a girl but just the thought of doing it all over again (the sleepless nights, the diaper changes, the lack of freedom) creeps me out. "In another life" I keep telling myself.

Anyway today was really like a Spring day so I decided to wear this:

Knit hat - H&M
World oldest coat- can't even remember where I got it
Grey open cardi - Ross
Teal top - Gap
Jeans - Thrifted
Bag - Honey
Shoes - Shimamura

I knew the baby shower would be a casual affair so I did not want to dress up. However I wanted to look nice,  meaning better than usual. I thought about wearing a skirt or a dress but decided to go for my jeans instead. See I had this picture of a blogger I discovered recently and I knew I had to wear my teal top. The poor thing has been sleeping in my closet since Septem…

Baby Shower

I assisted to my first baby shower today.
An Indian friend of mine had her shower today and I was among the non Indian guests. I was very excited to go. And days before, I was thinking about what I was going to where. Being my first shower I even did some research as to what was appropriate to wear. It inspires me to even write an article about baby shower attire (you can read it here).

However, all the preparation did not lead me anywhere. Being undecided and dressing up in a rush this morning did not help me pick an outfit I liked enough. I was comfy but a bit disappointed in myself.

Here is what I wore:

I am not smiling coz am so tired
Scarf - Langkawi night market
Coat - Thrifted
Bolero - some random shop in Machida
Turtle neck - Seoul night market
Dress - Thrifted
Shoes - ABC Mart

I had been so busy this week that I did not have time to pick an outfit for the party ahead of time. I knew I wanted something comfy because I was to rush from my son's playgroup to the shower. Howev…