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Ice Queen

I hope you had a great Xmas week end. In Japan, Xmas is not a national holiday. They celebrate the Emperor's birthday on the 23rd instead. And since this year it fell on a Sunday, Monday was off. I had my Japan family over for a potluck party on Sunday and Monday was spent sleeping late (God, that felt good!!), eating Sushi and taking a stroll down to Yamashita park (freezing cold). On the actual Xmas day, I did not do a single thing except for cleaning my children's play area. I am not sure how it ended up having so many toys but I was exhausted at the end of the day.

Today was spent meeting with friends, enjoying the park and shopping (for my hubby's bday).
Here is what I wore:

Beret - Cial
Grey vest - Factory 2 U
Grey sweater - Thrifted
Black tee - Walmart
Mint pants - H&M
Shoes - Shimamura
Accessories - Thrifted and random 777 store in Vivre Yokohama

I finally wore my mint pants. I bought them a month ago but never dared to wear them till today. With all that tal…

Scarf and a headband


I had to go to town to meet a friend for lunch then take the kids to the pool. For some reasons it took me 30 minutes to dress up this morning. I hate when that happens. I had the proper pants and the proper blouse but my turtle neck (that was supposed to keep me warm) clashed with the whole look. Then I looked for my new to go denim shirt but I remembered that I just washed it. Few minutes later, I decided to wear my olive green skirt with a red sweater but I looked like a Xmas tree. I finally settled for this:

Scarf - Walmart
Beaded headband - Daiso?
Coat - Thrifted
Cardigan - Nissen online
Turtle neck - G.U.
Skirt - G.U.
Shoes - Shimamura
Bag - Chatujak market
Bracelets - Did it myself

I wanted to wear a scarf today. I rarely wear scarf because I am not a pro at wearing them. Furthermore I always have to adjust them for they never stay in place. And do not even get me started on using pins because those things scare me. That is why I often resort to wearing my scarves like…

Little Orange Dress

Ouf! Today was the last day of school and the beginning of the Xmas holidays for the kids. No more waking up super early for weeks but then with two kids under my care 24/7 for three weeks, I might go crazy. Anyway, I had another Xmas lunch today so here is what I wore: 

Beret - Cial Coat - Thrifted Cardigan - Uniqlo Dress - Uniqlo Leggings/ Pants - A'gaci Boots - A'gaci Accessories - H&M, Tsutsumi, gifted

Let's talk about this coat. I have been looking for a camel cape coat for a long time in Japan without any real success. Last Spring on a trip to Houston, I saw this one at a Goodwill center. I tried it on but I did not like it. However I decided to get it in the meantime until I find what I was looking for. However since the temperatures dropped, I have been wearing this thing, and now I am in love! The funny thing is when I bought it, I remember thinking that it was such a "Japanese" coat. Meaning it was not a style of cape coat I would see in the US.…

Tis' the season...

Tis' the season to be jolly............
For me, tis' the season to be busy. The kids have so many shows, concerts, potluck parties and what not going on at their school and obviously I am the one who has to attend all those parties and cook for some. It is fun but believe me, a pain. I always wanted to work, and right now I am disappointed that I don't. But in the back of my mind I am thankful to be a housewife. I do not know how I would achieve all these things on top of a full time job. Working mothers, hats off to you!

Today was more laid back than usual; after my son's concert, I went to have lunch with some mothers from a baby group I used to attend.
Here is what I wore:

Beret - Cial
Coat - ???
Sweater - Thrifted
Denim shirt - Aeon
Pants - H&M
Bag - Chatujak market Thailand
Shoes - A'gaci

Me and my Baby
My son had to wear red or green for the concert so I put him in his velvet green pants. I wore red pants and a green bag at random and some mothers at scho…

Bracelets and Necklaces

I rarely do DIY. I see something lovely out there and I am inspired to make it. But when it comes to actually doing something, I become lazy. Or I start something and never finish. You have no idea of how many unfinished projects are left in my guest bedroom closet waiting to be done.
Recently, however, I have been truly inspired by a gift I received for my birthday. A foreign mother in Yokohama makes these beautiful bracelets that every other mother at school is wearing. I have my own version in silver, white and fuchsia. But I have been thinking about making some bracelets for myself. Furtheremore, cleaning up my accessory boxes I realized I had so much beads lying around. I ended up making some necklaces and bracelets for friends as Xmas presents. But I did not stop there. Yesterday I went to Kiwa Seisakushou, which sells all kinds of materials for making accessories in Colette Mare,Minato Mirai. I have been to that shop before and bought just little things to vamp some basic earr…


Today was a beautiful day even though it was chilly. I do not mind the chill as long as the sun is out. I had my monthly lunch with my friend Angie. We ate at a buffet in World Porters, which I regretted because I ate way too much. I really should start dieting... Here is what I wore: Beret - can't remember Coat - too old and falling apart Infinity scarf - random Import store in Ishikawacho Knit - Gap Cargo pants - Shimamura Shoes - Shimamura Accessories - gifted and bought at random 300 yen store in World Porters 

For some reasons, I decided to stack my arms today with random bracelets. One hand felt too lonely so after lunch I went to this random 300 yen store and bought another stack for the other hand. Interestingly, my arms did not feel too heavy, and the trend was not too outrageous since my coat hid half of the stacks. I am thinking I may keep on stacking my arms for a while. It is so girly and fun.
Big bracelet with charm: a gift from Hubby from Istanbul, silver ones: b…

Wedding Bliss

Today I finally did one of the things I wanted to do in Japan for such a long time: attend a wedding. A couple that is part of my Japan family finally decided to have a wedding reception after being married for 6 years. My family and I attended.
It was such a private event with very few guests. The place was near the Tokyo Imperial palace in a venue full of natural light. The place was also very well decorated. The whole wedding felt very relax, and not stuffy at all, the same things the couple had wanted it to be. I did have a lot of fun, more than I imagined it to be. The bride was gorgeous in her white gown but even more so in her Japanese attire, decked in a Kimono with embroidered swans. Her daughters were also princesses with full set of tiaras and pearls. The couple was just an image of pure handsomeness (Is that even a word?)
Here is what I wore:

Scarf - random store at Dakar Fair
Jacket - A'Gaci
Dress - H&M
Clutch - Thrifted
Shoes - Ross
Accessories - Gifted

Accessories fro…

Home sweet home

I have been dying to wear red and pink together for a while now. They are such complementary colors but for some reasons, I do not think I ever worn them together outside of the house. Everything changed when I thrifted this beautiful Summer dress at the beginning of Fall. It was in a fuchsia color (my favorite pink) and had white dots. What's not to love? Plus the cut was so ladylike. The only problem was that the straps to the dress were too long. Well, I solve that a month after purchasing the dress by cutting the end a bit shorter and re-sewing it the to the dress. And now it is perfect. I wore the dress a couple of times before with a grey sweater but I like it the best with the red one. I always get compliments on it. It is a cheap and simple dress but when I put it on, people think that I dress up.
Anyway today I had a birthday party so I decided to wear the dress again for the same effortless but chic effect.
Here is what I wore:

Beret- Cial
Coat- Can't remember but su…


One thing that Japanese people enjoy doing is observing the changes of nature during the seasons. In Spring, they do Hanami to view the Cherry blossoms (Sakura), and in Fall, they enjoy Momiji or Autumn fall leaves. There are many spots around Tokyo and Yokohama to check beautiful Autumn colors ranging from the golden to the deep purple.
I did not have time to check the Momiji this year. I am always busy rushing here and there, and doing several things at the same time. I rarely take the time to just relax and enjoy nature.
However this week end I got a treat as we headed to Yunessan Hakone. Yunessan is a water park with hot springs that you can enjoy wearing a swimming suit unlike other hot springs in Japan you use naked.  The area around the water park was filled with Momiji and as we walked from our hotel to the place, we got to enjoy some Autumn colored leaves.

Here is what I wore:

Knitted hat - H&M
Coat - Thrifted
Sweater - Forever 21
Turtle neck - G.U.
Shirt - AEon
Pants …