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Channeling Beyonce (or at least trying...) among other things

I was fooling around today, trying to recreate celebrity styles I like.  There are not many celebrities that inspire me when I dress because they are way too sexy and bold for my taste. However, I love Beyonce off style, off as in when she is not on stage or walking the red carpet. The woman knows how to do casual, without being shockingly exposed (like Rihanna).
So for today I had this outfit in mind.

 But I decided to change at the last minute because as much as I love this combo, I just did not feel like wearing it today. Then I went for this instead:

Hat - Perth Australia
Top - Gap
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Report via Ross
Bag - Daiso
Bracelet - gifted

In reality I so wanted to reproduce the same exact look as this one. But I am lacking a pink top ( I am on the hunt for a fuchsia one) and a printed maxi skirt . But no worries, I just pulled two of my faves pieces together and voila. Easy, breezy for a wonderful day at the park.

I decided to take the kids to Yamashita park at the …

Easy, Breezy, Playtime


Talk about a crazy week. I cannot wait for tomorrow to come, so that I can laze around all day at home doing nothing. Life as a Mother is pretty hectic, let me tell you...

Today my sons and I were invited to a kiddie bday party. Here is what I wore

Scarf - Joa
Safari jacket - Thrifted
White tee- Shimamura
Dress - Ross
Shoes - Ross
Earrings - H&M


I wanted to be breezy today and this dress was perfect for it. I do not know about you but I can live an entire life in this kind of dress. I just wish I had many mores. They are just too easy to style. Actually the idea for the styling came to me a while ago while I was on Pinterest. But I just came around to reproduce the look now. Check the original here.

My head wrap was also an inspiration from Pinterest , check it out here

I went out of the house wearing beaded sandals but came back to change into my wedges. I am getting tired of the comfort look with flats. I need me a bit of height and these babies get the job …

After party

I had my "family" in Japan over for a home party yesterday. We shared lots of food, laugh and ideas. As usual I am happy but exhausted. In fact I was so tired that after cleaning up this morning, I did nothing but laze around and catch up on the Internet. Plus the hubby was nice enough to take us out for some sushi so I practically did not do much all day. 
I am wearing the same outfit two days in a row (for the party and to go out today) because it is so comfy and colorful.

Scarf - Walmart Kaftan - Langkawi Mall Pants - Thrifted Shoes - 9.99 shoe stores in Harwin Accessories - bought (Vivre Yokohama), gifted and thrifted 

I really need to learn how to pose. I have no idea what is my best angle and how to play with the light. I am very clumsy when it comes to striking a pose that will highlight the clothes but also show my best features. All the hours spent watching ANTM were a waste! Tyra would be disappointed.

With all odds

Today was the day I decided to wear my tulle skirt I bought months ago. I was ready to brace the rainy weather and wear the skirt for it had been sleeping in my closet for so long. What was the occasion you ask? Well, I had lunch at a restaurant hotel with other friends.
The Skirt
Yesterday I spent one hour and a half trying to style the skirt. I was not hundred percent happy with it but I was okay. This morning I wake up, wear the thing in a rush and get out of the door, only to realize that I forgot my leggings (the skirt is calf length), I did not like the scarf I wore, and it was cold outside. To top it all the Mr. was not really digging the style. Not that I listen to him anyway when it comes to style, but that just did it for me. So I went back home to change and here is what I wore:

Turban - Jerusalem Halal meat shop
Jacket - Thrifted
Shirt - Thrifted
Pants - Ross
Shoes - Shimamura
Enveloppe clutch - Thrifted
Necklace - Fidak 2001
Ring - Forever 21

I felt better about the new ou…

Runway skirt

Another Saturday, another week end. The weather is supposed to be bad, but they said it would rain the entire week and it did not. I just went out to do the usual errands: groceries. I should like Saturdays more but it just hard when you are woken up by kids at 6 in the morning, then you get to spend the rest of the day cooking two elaborate meals, and running to buy groceries. In fact the only highlight of the day is the small hours between breakfast and lunch when I get to check my favorite bloggers or blog myself.
Anyway today for another boring Saturday, I got to wear this:

Scarf - Walmart
Cardigan - Thrifted
Top - Ross?
Skirt - Thrifted
Ring - Forever 21

I bought this skirt last year in Summer. I loved the fullness of it but also the Indian inspired design. Yet I have not worn it much because it is too long, and it gives me kind of a muffin top. Plus it is not the best skirt to run with (like when you have to run down the hill to catch the bus).

Nevertheless I really love it be…