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Saree Party

Have you ever heard of a Saree party?

Well, in India a Saree party is party where a group of women (mostly expats) dress up in beautiful Sarees and party. It could be for a birthday party, a charity event or just for pure fun.

I have always wanted to attend a Saree party but in my two and half years in Pune, I never got the chance. The number one reason is that I am not connected. I do not know the right people, the people who organize these events. For that you have to join expats clubs and I never officially did. Once, a friend of mine invited me to go to one but it was very last minute and I did not have a Saree at hand.

This time, I got the opportunity to attend. A nice Thai lady I met in Belly dance class was having a Saree party for her birthday and she invited me ( I guess going to those belly dances classes I was so lazy to, finally paid off). Apparently she is the organizer of Saree parties around town.  This time,  I had enough time to prepare for the party. I went saree sho…

Mirrored Image

Hello everyone!   I cannot believe we are already in the last months of 2015. It is a bit scary because I have not yet done half of the things I set off to do. I did not have any resolutions this year except to live more, enjoy more, laugh more,  learn more, do more. It is still a struggle but I am getting there, or at least I think I am. 
Anyway,  there was nothing special about today except for the fact that I wanted to wear something flowy.  I had this maxi for years now. I had thrifted it at discount store in Japan. The label says that it is an HM dress. I was drown to the prints and the fact that it comes with a full opaque  petticoat.  The top part,  however  is very sexy so I never worn it as it is. Instead I always wore it with a lace cropped top as a cover up. 

The original dress
But today I decided to add a long sleeves top to it.  As a modest dresser,  I should have many long sleeves top in my arsenal. And I do have some but they are all suited for Fall/Winter ( not this In…

Bubble Gum Pink ( Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

Sometimes you just have to wear pink from head to ankle (because head to toe pink would have been too much) !

Scarf - stolen from my Mother Tunic - HM Pants - Fbb Shoes - Fidak Fair, Dakar Watch - gift from Hubby Earrings - who knows?

Also we are in October which is Breast cancer awareness month so ladies do not forget to get tested or do the test yourself. You can find out how over the Internet or by talking to your doctor. Remember early detection means greater chances of getting cured so do not hesitate to do your part.  Encourage your sisters and friends to do the same as well. It is less scary to do it with someone you love and trust.
You have been warned!