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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bubble Gum Pink ( Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

Sometimes you just have to wear pink from head to ankle (because head to toe pink would have been too much) !

Scarf - stolen from my Mother
Tunic - HM
Pants - Fbb
Shoes - Fidak Fair, Dakar
Watch - gift from Hubby
Earrings - who knows?

Also we are in October which is Breast cancer awareness month so ladies do not forget to get tested or do the test yourself. You can find out how over the Internet or by talking to your doctor. Remember early detection means greater chances of getting cured so do not hesitate to do your part.  Encourage your sisters and friends to do the same as well. It is less scary to do it with someone you love and trust.

You have been warned! 

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