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A yellow Kurta in Africa

Hello everyone. How are you all?  Enjoying Summer or Winter depending on where you are?

I am enjoying a nice Monsoon now in Pune. I just got back from a six weeks vacation in Senegal, my home country. And I am back with several posts about my stay just to make up for my month long silence on the blog. First up: a story about going back to manual mode in Senegal. Read on!

It is only week two of our stay in Dakar, Senegal. Usually around this time we are already thinking about going back in our other home but since we are staying six weeks, we are taking things slow.

I have been cooking a storm because of Ramadan. It has been a pleasant but stressful experience because our kitchen here is not as equipped as the one in India. I do not have my oven, my mixer or smoothie maker. I do everything manually. Last week I went looking for a can opener in our neighborhood shops (to open cans we purchased earlier)  only to be  told that in here we open cans with a knife. Mind you,  I already knew t…