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In God's own country

For Easter we had decided to finally visit Kerela. I kind of twisted my husband's hand with the argument that if I leaved India without visiting Kerela, I would be pissed. He wanted to wait for a better time. But he finally agreed with me and we went for five days, four nights.

Since we did not have much time, we forgo sight seeing and all the tourist straps for another time. Instead we concentrated on relaxing in a nice resort and shopping for Kerelan sarees. The first part of our trip we stayed in Kochi, next to M.G. road. Our hotel was very old but still nice enough. It was at walking distance from Saree shops and restaurants. It had a room big enough with two twin beds we put together to have a bed big enough for us. The WiFi was perfect, the breakfast OK. It was a satisfying place to stay.

After our arrival in the hotel, we rest a bit because it was extremely hot outside. We went out after 5 to have a late lunch. We checked a Punjabi place called Sardarji ka Dabbah. It is kind …