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Bohemian Tour

Do you want me to read your palm and tell you your future?

Well I am no palm reader but today's s outfit could have fooled you.

Scarf - old Dress - Thrifted Feathered mules - Centenaire market Bag and earrings - UNO
I wore this dress for a monthly get together with my cousins on my Dad's side of the family. Every first Saturday of the month, we meet at someone's place, chat, and pay a fee to the host.The fee is already determined as well as the host for each month.

We call this get together "Tour" which means "a turn" in french. It is a very popular social gathering in my country. When I was growing up, my father used to do have one with his former college friends. Sometimes he would take my brothers and I with him and I would meet his friends' kids. We would have so much fun playing while the adults talked. I also enjoyed it when it was my father's turn to host because my Mother would cook delicious food fit for an entire army.  The tour is a way o…

Follow back!

Hello Hello!

 I have already told you that I am very present on Social media. And I also told you about the things I cringe on those platforms. Today I bring you another rant about a new pet peeve on Instagram.

I have been noticing new followers on my Instagram page. I have been really excited about it because I thought that I would finally reach 300 followers. But every week, the number would drop back to 280 without me understanding why. Then after doing some research, it finally hit me. All my new followers were just people promoting their business in hopes that I will be intrigued and use their services or at least follow them back. And I suppose most of them just un-followed me when they realized that I did not follow back. It was kind of petty. But I guess it is another strategy in this social media world.

Scarf -old from India Top - Zara (thrifted) Zipper cropped pants - Zara (from UNO shop) Pumps - Consept (now closed down, Sea Plaza mall)
When using social media, I follow peo…