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Friday, February 23, 2018

Love Month

Hello everyone!

So, Valentine day came and went. I did not do anything special except shopping and having diner with my best friend. And it was fun enough for me.

I have to admit I am sucker for love and all romantic gestures. I would love to hate the idea of Valentine's day, but I can't for I love love. I have been sarcastic at work and on Twitter all day, pretending I did not care. But in reality, I would not have said no to receiving flowers or chocolate, a sweet card, even tacky jewelry...

That is why, even if I did not have a valentine this year, I still managed to dressed up for it.

And luckily I found someone at work who did dress up like me.

Coat - Uno Ponty
Dress - Sandaga market
Shoes - thrifted
Glasses - Optic Ponty
Watch - Gift
Ring - Sandaga Market
Earrings - Petersen Market

Meet Rebecca, my coworker, former runway model and the only other person who wore red at work and gave me Ferrero Rocher chocolate on V- day!!!

By the way, have you seen my new glasses?

Happy Love month to you all!

(Pics by my sweet Maxiie)

Monday, January 29, 2018

Seaside Brunch

Hello my dears!

It has been a minute. Happy New Year by the way.

I have been away, busy with daily life and feeling ininspired about this blog.

But a simple seaside brunch changed that.

I went to Chez Fatou which is a seaside restaurant with my Bff. That place has been on our bucket list since 2016 but back then, we lacked the fund to visit. Now that we are both in a better place (Praise the Lord!), we decided to give it a try. Truth be told I visited the place two weeks ago with my other Bff on visit from the US. And I had a great time with her then.

Today was no different. The restaurant was packed but we were seated under the shades at a table instead of plastic chairs on the sand like the last time. For those who do not know, Chez Fatou is a restaurant that is on the seaside of Dakar, next to Almadies area. It is very popular for brunch and is always packed with a young hip and international crowd.

Fake wrap around Dress and matching scarf - tailored made
Open knit cardigan - random shop in Ouakam
Bag - Petersen
Shoes - Fidak Fair
Jewelry - Sandaga market 

We ordered the All American breakfast with toast, eggs, ham, potatoes, pancakes, juice and coffee. Today the service was slow and my scrambled eggs did not look the part. My bff expected her pancakes to be bigger but she forgot that she is no longer in the US ( we were both used to the Denny's breakfast slam). Nevertheless we had a great time chatting about our love life or lack there of. It proves to show that it is not the place but great company that makes me happy.

All american breakfast at Chez Fatou

I bought these mules for my Mother on Christmas but I should have kept them for myself. By the way they are made in Senegal.

New Jewelry set!

My BFF and I! 

The View 

Natural pool

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

All dressed up to say goodbye to 2017!

2017 is coming to an end.

What a whilrwind this year has been! Everything I knew and valued has been shattered. Everything I ever wanted came true but with a huge price. Yet, I am hoping that it was for the best.

Scarf -taken from an Indian outfit
Velvet shirt - (so old) gift from my Dad
Pleated skirt -thrifted
Leggings - India
Shoes - Next
Bag - Fair in India
Ring - (so old) HM
Pearl necklace - DIY

For one, I grew tremendously this past year. I started doing adult things, some things I never thought I would do or ever want to do again. But so is life. I lost a lot but I gained a lot as well. I learned every single day about life in general, love, family, work ethics, myself. I am getting to know who I am and what I am capable of. I know I am strong, I am resilient. I also know I am older (found out two gray hairs this year) and not as pretty as I used to be. But that is alright. I now think that it is okay to be selfish, to put myself first, to love myself before anyone else. I know what I want and I know what I do not want. I also express myself without filters. I still struggle with doing what I want and truly listening to my instincts but that day will come surely.

I realised that having the support and the love of my family was everything to me. I could not have survived 2017 without them. Furthermore, I came to know that my family was not only limited to my parents and my siblings. In fact, people both from my father and my mother's side have been there for me in ways that I never imagined. And I could not believe my luck. On top of that, my older friends were amazing. always there to listen to me (and believe me I did complain a lot) uplift me or tell me the truth. I met some new ones along the way who make me laugh to tears and that is important too.

My world has shifted and grown bigger. It is not confined to the same boring routine. And that is fine by me. I have not reached "stability" yet but a change is always a positive thing.

Really 2017 was hard but it was a blessing in disguise. I have many things that I do pray and hope for 2018. But I will keep them for myself for now. Instead I will share with you what I pray for the world: I pray that this year brings more peace and less war (terrorism), more joy and less bickering, more health and less diseases, more environmental stability and less disasters, more richness and less poverty.

I cannot end this note without thanking you, you my READERS. Thank you for taking the time to read me no matter who you are and where you are from. I am blogging because I like it and I do not plan to do anything else with this platform anytime soon. But who knows right???

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, November 24, 2017

When you wear Pyjamas to work

I have to admit that one of the greatest joy I have as a working woman (well, you know expect from doing what I love, and getting paid) is dressing up in the morning. For years, I eagerly waited to get a job to build me a wardrobe suitable for work. And now that I have, it is a pleasure to pull clothes out of my closet, find news ways to style them. However it can often turn into a nightmare particularly when I am in a rush in the morning (because I overslept) and I realized that the blouse I wanted to wear needs ironing I do not either have the time or the patience to do.

On days like that I often opt for jeans and tee, but last time I got so lazy I borrowed my Mother's pyjamas.

Scarf - Sandaga market
Open sweater and tee ensemble - stolen from my Mother
Pyjama pants - stolen from my Mother
Mules - stolen from my Mother

Mind you, there are silky smooth pyjamas my brother got her as a gift from France. There are the kind of pyjamas fancy ladies wear to bed. I am not that fancy yet (even though I am working on it) so I decided to wear them outside.

No one noticed that they were jammies. And I was very relaxed the entire day. No tucking and pulling, no pressure on the growing muffin top. I felt great.

I wished I had more fancier clothes that instantly make you look put together without the hassle of ironing them. But in the meantime, I need to get organized and take care of my clothes during the weekends. I know some people who by sunday already figure out what they are going to wear the entire week. I tried it once and it was a game changer. But when the task is a bit daunting, I often decide what to wear the night before. Then I have enough time to try on the outfit, see if it looks good on me and do some ironing. It saves me time I can use to Watch Wendy Williams before heading out the door in the mornings.LOL

I am planning to get more wear of the pyjamas, maybe next time I can style them to go out for diner with friends.

 What you think?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A la Camerounaise

Remember when I said that I was never going to change my style, because I like what I like (which is to be comfortable)?

Well I lied! My style is slowly changing. As my love life is in shambles at the moment ( I will get to that in a future post, I promise), I feel the need to go for a drastic change. I have contemplated the idea of cutting my hair (been there, done that!), dying it blond/ red or just forget this Hijabi thing all together. But as always, it is in the clothing department that I get to transform myself.

Truth be told, I am sure that even when things were perfectly normal at home, I would still go with a style change. The reason being that I am influenced at work. Women at my job are very simple and casual but they can turn the heat up from time to time. My favorite day is Friday when almost every one get to dress up in Traditional Attire. As someone who does not have many traditional attires, I am amazed at all the designs and styles out there. My eyes are feasting and my brain is calculating. Then I go on a rampage asking everyone where and how they got such nice clothes. "You covet what you see every day."they say. Well, I have been seeing and I have been coveting . As a result, I am constantly visiting my tailors to get them to make me new stylish and trendy "Senegalese Traditional Attire" like this one:

Dress - Uniwax fabric given my baby brother and tailor made
Scarf - Reliance Trends (India)
Wedges - Ouakam market
Earrings and necklace - HLM market

This dress is called "Camerounaise" which means "Camerounian woman". I guess it is because Camerounian women wear this type of dress. I really like it because it is roomy; it hides all the curves (See I have not changed much). Women in Senegal appreciate them and they love to have them made in breathable fabrics that they mix and match. For this dress I used an Uniwax fabric my brother got me from Ivory Coast and an eyelet fabric I bought at the market. The result is just perfect. Plus it has pockets. I am surpisingly very happy with the whole dress.

I have another one in silk fabric that my other tailor made for me. I cannot wait to rock it next friday.

So what do you do when your love life is in shambles? Share in the comments section!!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Brunch at the Pullman

A few weeks back, something unusual happened to me: I won! I played a game on the Instagram of Karelle, who is a very famous food blogger here in Senegal. And I won a voucher for a brunch for two at a very nice hotel in town: the Pullman Teranga Dakar.

I was surprised at first because I have never won anything in my life. And believe me I have tried my luck on many games. This time I was just playing without really hoping to win. I was so excited because, I have been wanting to go eat at the Pullman for quite some time now.

 I originally wanted to give the tickets to my parents for them to enjoy. But upon speaking with my baby brother, he told me that those tickets would be wasted on them since they are old and cannot eat that much (it was a buffet!). So I saved the idea to treat them for later and decided to take my kids and best friend instead. My baby bro and his fiance also joined us.

I have been to the Pullman for work before and I fell in love with the decor. The first thing I noticed was this vibrant picture of Omar Victor Diop - a Senegalese photograph I follow on Instagram- of a model wearing african print dress with the same print in different color in the background. That picture is so eye catching that I could spend hours just looking at it. Passed that picture, I also noticed the unusual furniture and the african touch on the decoration. The eating area was bustling to my surprise because that brunch is not cheap. We had to wait to be shown to a table because we did not make reservation. There was a young and hip crowd, all dressed casual and all on their smartphones. Finally we were shown to a round seating area outside with a beautiful view of the sea. The only problem was that the lack of air conditionning and the flies. But we did not let that rain on our parade.

Scarf - Sandaga market
Dress - (so old but never been worn before) HM
Pants - Thrifted
Shoes - Westside (India)
Earrings - HLM market
Necklace - gift from my Mother

My kids dove right in, chosing to eat all the sushis available. You have to understand that ever since we left Japan, they have not been able to enjoy their favorite food. I went for a healthy mix of salads (avocado, carrot, beet roots) with some seafood and sushis at first. It was very fresh and tasty. I was having a good time, eating, chatting with my family and taking all the sea view in.  At some point, I even met some aquaintance I have not seen in a very long time.

My first plate: Carrot, tomoao, cucumber salad with some marinated avocado and beetroot, some sushi rolls, chinese noodle salad and cocktail shrimp
I took four more plates after that!

My eldest only ate Sushis and sweets

Chicken and Beef barbecue skewers

We spent a good two hours eating before we went down to enjoy the pool. The kids were so impatient to go that they did not even finish their plates. The pool was packed as well. We were told that we needed to come earlier to reserve a seat. They were lot of foreigners on the grounds but also some local people. Everyone went inside the water that looked so refreshing on that hot day. As for myself, I decided to use the free wifi (they gave us password at the reception) to catch on social media. I was so stuffed and drowsy that I immediatly regretted not bringing a swimsuit. Truth be told I did not have one at hand. My brother and fiance also did not have any but that did not stop them from purchasing them nearby. I promised myself that next time I come, I will have to bring one.

The pool

One could also enjoy the beach

Lounging by the pool

Because there will be a next time for I had way too much fun and ate so well. I now understand why the place was packed amid the price tag. I need to indulge from time to time. I always limited myself to little pleasures. But once in a while, I think I can afford to go wild. I may not go to the Pullman every week or every month but I will try to go as often as I can, even if it is just to sit and enjoy a cup of tea for the place is really soothing.

Cake display
The view of Corniche from the Pullman.
Can you spot the Presidential Palace?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mint condition

 Ever since I moved back home more than a year ago, I have not really been shopping. I checked stores at our mall that were highly overpriced. And those at the market were not any better.
However, I was given life when I returned to the Saturday market. This market located near my parents house in the subburbs is filled with goodies, second hand items from overseas but also new stuff like under garments and fabrics. We can haggle the price therefore I always manage to get a good deal.
I have to admit that I have been going there every other week. My favorite things to score are shoes. I always look for quality, size, wear and tear and of course the brand. I found shoes from Michael Kors, Steve Madden, Target and more. It is kind of hard to score the nicest ones because they mostly come in smaller size. But I did get lucky once. (Or twice)

Scarf - borrowed from my Mother
Top - Liberte 6 market
Jeans - Liberte 6 market
Shoes - Saturday market
Earrings - Gift
Whem am busy on Saturdays and can't go, I fall back on another small market located in the same area that is open every day called Liberte 6 market. I also indulge there for the prices are highly low: tops at a dollar or less and so on. On my last trip I also found bags.

The last place I absolutly go wild for is my Mother's closet. I already told you that she was a hoarder, which means that not only does she have a closet bursting with clothes, she also kept some old ones on separate suitcases. I raided her closet for traditional clothes since I do not have any yet. And she pulled out some she does not fancy anymore. I took them to a tailor to refashion them. And boom! I had four new outfits for less than a price of a fabric. Last week, she show me some of her old work clothes and I scored two pencil skirts, a jacket (I am still on the fence about that one but) and a coral pleated skirt that was alas too tight ( I am still trying to figure out what to do with it). I love shopping in my mother's closet. She still has some fancy stuff. I steal her scarves, bag, shoes and jewelry all the time. That is what mothers are for. And do not worry she borrows my stuff all the time too.

This outfit was totally thrifted. Nothing is new. It cost me like $20. The dress which is really an oversized top (2XL) can be worn off shoulders. But my fave part of the entire outfit are the shoes. Their color caught my eyes. They were platform which I always wanted to have but never dare. But the heels are not too high and very highly comfortable. Plus they are in suede and they were never worn. I rocked them for the first time at my cousins for Easter and they could not believe they were minted.

I am not sure I will go back to shopping at the malls with what I experienced so far. Boutiques are ridiculously expensive and the attitude of the attendees horrible. If I am going to splurge I prefer to do it at a place I am treated well at least. "Never say never" is my motto. So only time will tell if I find a shop with brand new stuff I fancy..Stay tuned!
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