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All by Myself (Out of my comfort zone)

I had a wonderful weekend a few weeks back. There were many events happening in the city and I wanted to attend them all. I actually did not manage to for I am just one person but I went to two that interested me the most. (and a birthday party)

One of them was a small food festival called Taste it Dakar at one of my favorite spot in Dakar (which is just a house with a beautiful garden that can be rented, Jardin Keur Mamie Charlotte). There were many people selling delicious food from the continent but also abroad. It was an occasion for me to eat Sushi and Banana plantains fritters. But what was unusual for me was that I went to the event ALONE. Truth be told I rarely go anywhere by myself, except for shopping (I prefer to shop alone). I always use my best friend, my children or my co-workers as a clutch. And if they are not available, I would just stay home.

Took a selfie in the cab 
However, recently I just realized how ridiculous that was. And I have decided that if I wanted to enj…
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Love Month

Hello everyone!

So, Valentine day came and went. I did not do anything special except shopping and having diner with my best friend. And it was fun enough for me.

I have to admit I am sucker for love and all romantic gestures. I would love to hate the idea of Valentine's day, but I can't for I love love. I have been sarcastic at work and on Twitter all day, pretending I did not care. But in reality, I would not have said no to receiving flowers or chocolate, a sweet card, even tacky jewelry...

That is why, even if I did not have a valentine this year, I still managed to dressed up for it.

And luckily I found someone at work who did dress up like me.

Coat - Uno Ponty
Dress - Sandaga market
Shoes - thrifted
Glasses - Optic Ponty
Watch - Gift
Ring - Sandaga Market
Earrings - Petersen Market

Meet Rebecca, my coworker, former runway model and the only other person who wore red at work and gave me Ferrero Rocher chocolate on V- day!!!
By the way, have you seen my new glasses?

Happy L…

Seaside Brunch

Hello my dears!

It has been a minute. Happy New Year by the way.

I have been away, busy with daily life and feeling ininspired about this blog.

But a simple seaside brunch changed that.

I went to Chez Fatou which is a seaside restaurant with my Bff. That place has been on our bucket list since 2016 but back then, we lacked the fund to visit. Now that we are both in a better place (Praise the Lord!), we decided to give it a try. Truth be told I visited the place two weeks ago with my other Bff on visit from the US. And I had a great time with her then.

Today was no different. The restaurant was packed but we were seated under the shades at a table instead of plastic chairs on the sand like the last time. For those who do not know, Chez Fatou is a restaurant that is on the seaside of Dakar, next to Almadies area. It is very popular for brunch and is always packed with a young hip and international crowd.

Fake wrap around Dress and matching scarf - tailored made Open knit cardigan - random…

All dressed up to say goodbye to 2017!

2017 is coming to an end.

What a whilrwind this year has been! Everything I knew and valued has been shattered. Everything I ever wanted came true but with a huge price. Yet, I am hoping that it was for the best.

Scarf -taken from an Indian outfit Velvet shirt - (so old) gift from my Dad Pleated skirt -thrifted Leggings - India Shoes - Next Bag - Fair in India Ring - (so old) HM Pearl necklace - DIY  For one, I grew tremendously this past year. I started doing adult things, some things I never thought I would do or ever want to do again. But so is life. I lost a lot but I gained a lot as well. I learned every single day about life in general, love, family, work ethics, myself. I am getting to know who I am and what I am capable of. I know I am strong, I am resilient. I also know I am older (found out two gray hairs this year) and not as pretty as I used to be. But that is alright. I now think that it is okay to be selfish, to put myself first, to love myself before anyone else. I …

When you wear Pyjamas to work

I have to admit that one of the greatest joy I have as a working woman (well, you know expect from doing what I love, and getting paid) is dressing up in the morning. For years, I eagerly waited to get a job to build me a wardrobe suitable for work. And now that I have, it is a pleasure to pull clothes out of my closet, find news ways to style them. However it can often turn into a nightmare particularly when I am in a rush in the morning (because I overslept) and I realized that the blouse I wanted to wear needs ironing I do not either have the time or the patience to do.

On days like that I often opt for jeans and tee, but last time I got so lazy I borrowed my Mother's pyjamas.

Scarf - Sandaga market
Open sweater and tee ensemble - stolen from my Mother
Pyjama pants - stolen from my Mother
Mules - stolen from my Mother

Mind you, there are silky smooth pyjamas my brother got her as a gift from France. There are the kind of pyjamas fancy ladies wear to bed. I am not that fancy y…

A la Camerounaise

Remember when I said that I was never going to change my style, because I like what I like (which is to be comfortable)?

Well I lied! My style is slowly changing. As my love life is in shambles at the moment ( I will get to that in a future post, I promise), I feel the need to go for a drastic change. I have contemplated the idea of cutting my hair (been there, done that!), dying it blond/ red or just forget this Hijabi thing all together. But as always, it is in the clothing department that I get to transform myself.

Truth be told, I am sure that even when things were perfectly normal at home, I would still go with a style change. The reason being that I am influenced at work. Women at my job are very simple and casual but they can turn the heat up from time to time. My favorite day is Friday when almost every one get to dress up in Traditional Attire. As someone who does not have many traditional attires, I am amazed at all the designs and styles out there. My eyes are feasting and …

Brunch at the Pullman

A few weeks back, something unusual happened to me: I won! I played a game on the Instagram of Karelle, who is a very famous food blogger here in Senegal. And I won a voucher for a brunch for two at a very nice hotel in town: the Pullman Teranga Dakar.

I was surprised at first because I have never won anything in my life. And believe me I have tried my luck on many games. This time I was just playing without really hoping to win. I was so excited because, I have been wanting to go eat at the Pullman for quite some time now.

 I originally wanted to give the tickets to my parents for them to enjoy. But upon speaking with my baby brother, he told me that those tickets would be wasted on them since they are old and cannot eat that much (it was a buffet!). So I saved the idea to treat them for later and decided to take my kids and best friend instead. My baby bro and his fiance also joined us.

I have been to the Pullman for work before and I fell in love with the decor. The first thing I …