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When in doubt, wear a dress!

Hello faithful readers!
That is it! I think that this dress below is my favorite dress of all time. Ok! I am being dramatic over here. Let us just say that I have a new favorite dress until I find another that is better.
I went to The Gambia for early spring break recently and I indulged in a little bit of shopping. I originally wanted to buy a tie and die fabric in blue and white but I could not resist this one as well. So I got them both at the market for a very affordable price. 
Lucky for me, there is a tailor right across the streets from my grandparents' house where I was staying. I showed him some pictures from Pinterest and let him do his magic. And ta-da!

Velvet scarf - borrowed from my Mother Dress - custom made Shoes - Westside (India)

I wore it for the first time for a work event. It would have been wise to go with a "suit and tie" for it was a networking event I was hosting. But for some reasons, I do not feel very comfortable in pants blouse blazer combo. I…

A cocktail at the Novotel

Hello Hello!

A friend of mine invited me to accompany her to a cocktail party at the Novotel Hotel in Dakar. I have been to the Novotel only twice before for work since I moved back home. I enjoyed myself both times but I could not wait to see what more they had to offer. Truth be told, I sometimes forget about Novotel when it comes to Hôtels in Dakar, because it is a bit secluded. But Novotel has been an institution in Dakar for the longest of time. I remember going there as a kid to learn how to swim.

The cocktail was a marketing event to show the newly renovated areas of the hotel. My friend, two other coworkers and I, got to visit a single room upstairs. It was nice even if it was a tad small for my taste. The decor was also simple and colorful.

Seating area inside the room

The headboard of the bed we had to try.

The bathroom

The tiny toilet
The visit was fun because it was punctuated by a little game. The person who tended to my friends and I, showed us a bag and we each had to pick …