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Feeling blue

Hello dear readers! How are you doing?

I am actually mad because Winter this year has not really been cold. I have not worn half of the sweaters I bought last year. And do not even get me started on the winter gear I bought this year like the red turtle neck bodysuit I can never manage to wear. The cold season is never that cold in Dakar anyway but we used to have temp√©ratures that were low enough for me to wear a leather jacket. All this season brought was heavy dust that make breathing a Herculian task.

Still, I did manage to make the most out of this season by wearing my jackets and blazers. I also did wear two new coats on different occasions. Since I do not go out much, I usually wear all my clothes at work. Lately I have been favoring maxi open cardigans over coats and jackets. I always pair them with a light blouse and pants. But for today's look I went for my navy pencil skirt.

Scarf - Thrifted, Saturday Market Cardigan - Uno Top - Uniqlo Pencil skirt - old, used to belon…