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When Middle East meets South East (Saree Party 3)

Hi Dears!

Back in March, I attended another Saree party.

I was lucky this time because while fabric shopping back January, I spotted a half stitched Lehenga and Pallu set in red gold green and orange colors. It was half off so I did not hesitate to purchase it. When I heard of the Saree party, I returned to the same shop to get a fabric for a blouse. I settled for a golden orange one that would match the rest of the outfit perfectly.

I wanted to make a cropped blouse with a ruffle hem because I became so obsessed with them. They seemed easy enough to try and after watching numerous videos on YouTube,  I started making the blouse. As usual, I underestimated the time it would take me to make the blouse. It took me two full days and I was not even satisfied with the end resuslt. And to add insult to injury, when I wore it on d-day, there was a tear on one of the sleeves. I wanted to scream and cry!

But since I had no time at all (the event was already starting) I dug a dress my Father bo…