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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

When Middle East meets South East (Saree Party 3)

Hi Dears!

Back in March, I attended another Saree party.

I was lucky this time because while fabric shopping back January, I spotted a half stitched Lehenga and Pallu set in red gold green and orange colors. It was half off so I did not hesitate to purchase it. When I heard of the Saree party, I returned to the same shop to get a fabric for a blouse. I settled for a golden orange one that would match the rest of the outfit perfectly.

I wanted to make a cropped blouse with a ruffle hem because I became so obsessed with them. They seemed easy enough to try and after watching numerous videos on YouTube,  I started making the blouse. As usual, I underestimated the time it would take me to make the blouse. It took me two full days and I was not even satisfied with the end resuslt. And to add insult to injury, when I wore it on d-day, there was a tear on one of the sleeves. I wanted to scream and cry!

But since I had no time at all (the event was already starting) I dug a dress my Father bought me in Saudi. And off I went.

Scarf - old
Dress or Abbaya - gift from my father
Lehenga or Gagra (skirt) and scarf - fabric shop in Camp
Shoes - Gossip
Hair Accessories and earrings - -Chandan Nagar market
Necklace - gift from Hubby
Rings - Fidak fair, Dakar

The dress which is more like a jacket with a small opening at the front, is in a different shade from my Lehenga or Gagra ( skirt) but the sequins matched perfectly. It was a style I had wanted to try ever since I saw it on Indian celebrities. And truth be told it is a style that suits me more as I do not have to expose any skin. Unless I (eventually) make myself a long sleeves fitted blouse that come all the way to my waist, I think I am going to stick to this style when it comes to Indian wear.

 As accessories, I wore some earrings and golden headband thingy that I purchased a day before the event for a steal at the market. Funny thing is, I already had in mind what kind of jewelry I wanted to buy as soon as I got invited. But when I went to get it at the last minute, the store had closed or relocated. It proves to show that planning goes a long way even for a fun event. Anyway, I was OK with the accessories even if wearing the headband with the scarf proved to be a hassle.

The earrings

My golden slingback high heels which were surprisingly comfortable.

The Saree party was once again held at Le Meridien hotel. And once again our hosts took myriad of pictures. I went with my Korean friend but I made new acquaintances during the lunch. Pune is not such a big city, therefore most of the Expats living here know each other or have a sixth degree separation. The buffet was exquisite and I binged on seafood, which I do not often eat. And finished off with some ice cream, red velvet cake and chocolate mousse. Since it was Women's day, we also received some cookies from the hotel management.

My dessert: Cappuccino ...

chocolate mousse and red velvet cake

I went home full, happy but exhausted. I realized that the best part about a party was going home, kicking off my heels, removing my make up, undressing, and seating in my comfy PJs with my phone in hand checking all the pictures I took earlier.

All shades, sizes, and Indian wear were represented!

With my friend, stylist, photographer and wing woman, Soon!

Unfortunately this was my last Saree party. We left India and moved back home some weeks later. Funnily enough I was jokingly saying during the lunch that this was probably my last party since they were starting to get expensive with the purchasing of sarees, blings that go with them and the cost of the lunch. Little did I know that God was going to play a trick on me. 

Anyway, I have no regrets. I went to three amazing parties and met great women. I had the time of my life and for someone who does not get out much, I could even dress up. Now I have all these memories in form of pictures that will keep me warm on rainy days. And who knows, if ever I find people as crazy about sarees as me, I can start organizing my own Saree party! 

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