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Road trip: Gambia and Casamance

Hello you guys! How is it going in your neck of the wood?

Well, in my city it is raining lately. The entire city is a mess with pools of water, sewage leaking and mud. It is not fun to walk around but I do enjoy the rain because when it does, it is cooler.

Speaking of rain, it did rain during our entire trip down South. My brother told me that he wanted to go on a road trip down south since the beginning of this year. So we finally did and by we, I mean him, his wife and baby and my Dad. We drove down to the Gambia which is another country inside of Senegal and from there, we went to Casamance. The purpose of the trip was to introduce the baby to the family, my Dad's in the Gambia, and my Mother's in Casamance. The last time we did a road trip like that I was 13 and my brother was 7.

The trip was uneventful. It was a pleasure to drive in the country. We passed small villages, the roads were alright in most parts. The only time we were bothered was when we arrived in Gambia and…

Garden party (A day at Savana Hotel)

Hello dear friends!
It is back to school in some places around the world. It is also the case for my boys. I hope they are ready to face this new school year and that they made enough memories during the Summer holidays.
Speaking of making memories, it was my youngest son's 10 year birthday, a couple of weeks ago. And to celebrate the entire family (aka my parents, my kids, my brother, his wife, her sisters, and my niece) decided to spend the day at the pool. We chose the Hotel Savana which is located in downtown Dakar. This hotel is really old and used to be It back in the day. It has beautiful gardens, an outdated architecture, and an Olympic size swimming pool. We decided to go there because it was less overpriced than the usual suspects around town. For 15000 CFA (around $25), you have access to the pool and private beach, then you can use the 10.000 for food and beverage. 

Scarf - Old from India Dress - bought at Ivory Coast Week Fair Shoes - Morocco Bag - thrifted at HLM Market…

Korean Food in Dakar

We are in August, which means we are 5 months away from 2020. I have seen so many posts on social media asking if I have met the goals I set at the beginning of this year, to get me anxious. Because I am nowhere near achieving those goals. Those goals were simple: join a gym, travel abroad and buy a car. I never managed to join a gym even if it was affordable and accessible. I even found one, minutes away from my house. I am not sure why I still postpone joining it. When it comes to traveling, every time I make arrangements, something at work comes up or with the people I plan to travel with. But at least, I managed to travel inside the country so there is that. As for the car, let us just say that I am not still sure I found the right one for me. Or if I do, the price is not right. Who knew buying a used car could be this tricky? Anyway, It pisses me off that I have not yet achieved those goals. Then after the anger comes the depression. Can you imagine it? I am on leave, supp…