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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY: Embellished Jacket

I have been obsessed with embellished things lately. Blame it on living in this place where embellishments on clothes is as common as a Margherita pizza at an Italian restaurant....So I started to embellish a few tees ( you can read about my trials and errors here), now I moved on to Jackets. I saw this DIY involving safety pins a while back in a magazine, and wanted to try it out. I had the perfect jacket for it. It is cropped and navy blue. I really like it but barely wear it. A few years back, I wanted to change the buttons to golden ones to revamp it a bit and give it a Versace feel, but like with all my projects, I forgot about it. But this time, I was going to pursue it. I purchased golden safety pins at a stationary store and put them on the collar. 

George jacket - Walmart

Safety pins - Sewrite via Landmark

Putting the pins on the collar but you can put them wherever you want to

And voila: New edgy jacket. 
I wore it on this particular windy day and it felt great. It is a new look for an old jacket and I didn't break the bank to do it.The pins cost me 50 rupees for each pack ( of 40) but I am sure that they are cheaper at the market. It is really a fun and easy project. If you want to see more diy involving pins, check out my Pinterest page here

Wrap dress worn as scarf - Brandmart
Embellished Jacket - Walmart and DIM
Top - People
Pants - Shimamura
Flats - H&M

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Little ( well almost) white dress

A perfect dress for a perfect date.

Blazer - Export garment store, M.G. road
Dress - French connection via Brandmart
Shoes - Central
Brooch - H&M
Earrings and chain - Tsutsumi

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Never worn challenge : Striped pants

It will be a month since I started the Never worn challenge. And today I am featuring these striped pants I bought on impulse some months ago. I was into the achromatic look back then. But I could never wear the pants. At first they were a bit tight for comfort. Then after I shed a few pounds I was scared to style them for they reminded me of Beetle juice (pic below)

 Today after wearing them for the 1st time I realized that it was just the cut of the pants that was wrong for me. The front looks like I have a sacking belly and that is not the look I am going for. Plus the stripes make me look wider.
 I really want to hold on to these but I think they will have to go. It would not be right to wear something that does not look good on me.

Sweater - Forever 21
Top - thrifted at M.G. road
Pants - Max
Shoes - Head over Heels via Westside

The picture quality is poor coz I used my phone. Sorry

At the end of the month, I just had one item I did not wear and it is one of the Lbds. The maxi dress was worn with wedge boots on a day that was so hectic that I did not take a pic. But believe me when I say that even with boots, they were still too long. I had to knot the middle part for me to walk without tripping. I will just take it to the tailors and have it hemmed. That means, it is a keeper. 
This challenge was interesting because it forced me to take chances and not go for the same old same old stuff. I can see now more uses of the clothes I chose to keep ( fyi I am keeping the other Lbd for it is far too pretty to part with it. )  The pants however are a goner. I will just have to find another one that fits better.
Why don' t you try this challenge before deciding to part with some of your clothes? I promise you it is enlightening. And review how I styled the other items on the list here, here, this one, and finally that one.

Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Mickey Mouse sequined Tee

I have been lusting over a Mickey ( or Minnie) Mouse embellished tee for a while. I did see some at the mall that were nice but I thought that I could make one by myself. So after procastinating for a while I set off to do the thing. I purchased a black tee at my local grocery store, found some sequins at the neighborhood stationary shop and begun. At first I thought I would be done in a jiffy. In reality it took me 3 months or more. But I was not working on it constantly. It was a boring task and half way through I stumbled upon this page and gasped. I realised that it would have been faster to just buy some sequin fabric, cut it and glue or sew the damn thing on the tee. Needless to say that I felt like crying. But it was too late to back down.

Yesterday I finally finished the tee only to realise that the ears are not symetric (fixable) and that the design was a bit high on the shirt ( not fixable). I could have killed myself. Nevertheless I took this baby out for a spin. And later on I fixed the issue.

Tools ( sequins, needle, thread, embroidery ring, box)

Oops! Eyes are closed!

Look of the day:
Tee- DIM
Skirt - Gap via Sunder M.G. road
Belt - 390 Mart
Shoes - Gap thrifted

Gotta learn how to do selfies without showing the camera, lol! 

If you want to attempt this project, here is what to do:
You will need:
- a black tee of your preferable size. I settled for L as they did not have XL
-  Sequins. I purchased about 5 bags of these
- thread in the same color as the sequins. I went for gold
- a velvet cloth to lay the sequins on (I used the cover of a box which made my task harder but the pro all use a velvet cloth.)
- a small needle ( small enough to let the sequins go through it)
- Scissors
- cardboard
- embroidery ring

First draw a mickey mouse pattern on your cardboard. Make sure everything is symetrical. Then cut out the shape and lay it flat on the tee probably 3 inches below the neckline and trace it with chalk or fabric pen. Put the tee on the embroidery ring so that the image of Mickey is on top.
Then sew sequins on the outline.  When u r done make sure that the figure looks nice. If not, you can make adjustments.
Proceed to fill in the image with sequins.

If you want to use sequin fabric, just use the cardboard of Mickey to cut a pattern and sew or glue the pattern onto the tee.

It took me some time but I am pretty satisfied with the tee. The next time I embark on such a project I will know what to do and will have a better result. Plus the whole thing cost me Rps 179 or more than $2 as opposed to $15 at the mall. So, it is well worth the time spent and experience gained. Don't u think?

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