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DIY: Embellished Jacket

I have been obsessed with embellished things lately. Blame it on living in this place where embellishments on clothes is as common as a Margherita pizza at an Italian restaurant....So I started to embellish a few tees ( you can read about my trials and errors here), now I moved on to Jackets. I saw this DIY involving safety pins a while back in a magazine, and wanted to try it out. I had the perfect jacket for it. It is cropped and navy blue. I really like it but barely wear it. A few years back, I wanted to change the buttons to golden ones to revamp it a bit and give it a Versace feel, but like with all my projects, I forgot about it. But this time, I was going to pursue it. I purchased golden safety pins at a stationary store and put them on the collar. 

George jacket - Walmart

Safety pins - Sewrite via Landmark

Wrap dress worn as scarf - Brandmart Embellished Jacket - Walmart and DIM Top - People Pants - Shimamura Flats - H&M

Little ( well almost) white dress

A perfect dress for a perfect date.

Blazer - Export garment store, M.G. road
Dress - French connection via Brandmart
Shoes - Central
Brooch - H&M
Earrings and chain - Tsutsumi

Never worn challenge : Striped pants

It will be a month since I started the Never worn challenge. And today I am featuring these striped pants I bought on impulse some months ago. I was into the achromatic look back then. But I could never wear the pants. At first they were a bit tight for comfort. Then after I shed a few pounds I was scared to style them for they reminded me of Beetle juice (pic below)

 Today after wearing them for the 1st time I realized that it was just the cut of the pants that was wrong for me. The front looks like I have a sacking belly and that is not the look I am going for. Plus the stripes make me look wider.
 I really want to hold on to these but I think they will have to go. It would not be right to wear something that does not look good on me.

Sweater - Forever 21 Top - thrifted at M.G. road Pants - Max Shoes - Head over Heels via Westside

The picture quality is poor coz I used my phone. Sorry

At the end of the month, I just had one item I did not wear and it is one of the Lbds. The maxi dres…

DIY Mickey Mouse sequined Tee

I have been lusting over a Mickey ( or Minnie) Mouse embellished tee for a while. I did see some at the mall that were nice but I thought that I could make one by myself. So after procastinating for a while I set off to do the thing. I purchased a black tee at my local grocery store, found some sequins at the neighborhood stationary shop and begun. At first I thought I would be done in a jiffy. In reality it took me 3 months or more. But I was not working on it constantly. It was a boring task and half way through I stumbled upon this page and gasped. I realised that it would have been faster to just buy some sequin fabric, cut it and glue or sew the damn thing on the tee. Needless to say that I felt like crying. But it was too late to back down.

Yesterday I finally finished the tee only to realise that the ears are not symetric (fixable) and that the design was a bit high on the shirt ( not fixable). I could have killed myself. Nevertheless I took this baby out for a spin. And later …