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Japanese day

My son's school had its Japanese day today. It was scheduled for the week of March 15 but the earthquake changed all the plans. The earthquake also put an end to the big food fair that the school organises every year. However, the super moms of the school decided to have a bake sale to raise money for the victims of the earthquake. So far, the school have raised 5 millions yens and the donations keep on coming. Impressive, isn't it.
Anyway, for today's events I decided to wear a Japanese jacket that I love. I purchased it almost 10 years ago at a flea market in Tsukuba but never got the chance to wear it. I was inspired to do so today (since all the kids at school were supposed to wear something Japanese). Upon arrival at school, I realise that I was not the only foreign mom who thought about wearing Japanese clothes. And I did get some praise from my Japanese friends.

Here are the pics:

Pink scarf- Langkawi night market Japanese silk coat (or Haori) with flowers detail on …

Cooking class

Today I finally had my cooking class. It was meant to happen a month ago but due to the earthquake, it was rescheduled for today. My son's school has a great support group for the mothers. Mothers with skills offer their services for free. Therefore, almost every month of the school year, there are cooking classes among other courses. Today was my turn. I had 7 students and I hope they had as much fun as I had today. Cooking is not my forte therefore I am still skeptical that they really enjoyed it. I am telling myself that since they took all the left overs home, there is a slight chance that they found the food tasty.
Anyway, here is what I wore today. Not really appropriate for cooking but I wanted to stay away from my mommy outfit (jeans and flowy top)

Hounds tooth scarf- 99c store
Sequined tank top- Honeys
Silk dress- Gap
Yellow cardigan- Old navy
Trench coat- H&M
Grey leggings- Ross
Fake snakeskin flats- H&M

Me in the kitchen just before the class started

Love the ye…

The Snap Woman (or how I realised I did not know much about fashion)

I discovered an interesting magazine today. I was shopping in a convenient store, ready to pay the bill when my eyes wandered and dropped right in front of this magazine. I browsed through it and knew I had to have it.

I rushed home and checked it out while giving the kids their snacks. And I did not regret the 880Y I invested in it. This magazine is a mind blower. Think The Sartorialist on glossy pages, and organized trough categories: tops, bottoms, accessories...

The magazine offers pictures of women (age range: 30 to 50) on the streets. It does not tell a story behind every outfit (for example: who is the designer and how much it cost), nor does it tell us where the pictures were taken. All it does is show pictures, and make small comments. Moreover, it offers similar items  that the ones on the pictures that can be purchased in Japan.

Going through each page, I was just blown away. I told myself that if that was how women dressed everyday around the world (or at least in the US. …

A day in the park

Today was another beautiful day of Spring. It started out cloudy but by noon, the sun came out.
I had to go to Machida to have lunch with some colleagues of my husband. Here is what I decided to wear:

I am laughing in the train. (I do not ride the train as much as I should and I have to admit that I miss it) - Beige scarf (Joa)
- Faux leather jacket (Shimamura)
- Flower print shirt (Pratunam market)
- Black tee (Hanes)
- Skinny Jeans (Ross)
- Jeweled flats (Shimamura)
- Longchamps bag (Chatujak market)

Back in the house (do not mind the background)

I am in love with this shirt. It was one of the thing I discovered in Pratunam market. I wanted a different color but it was one of the last item she had in the store. Actually the print I wanted was in another design shirt. And I absolutely wanted a buttoned down shirt. Therefore I took this print instead. It felt great wearing something so pretty and colorful on such a blessed day.

For some reasons, I find the shirt more beautiful in reality…

Rihanna's style!!!

Stripped Kimono, ethnic print, huge bangles and loop earrings, what's not to love


It is Spring! The weather has been wonderful lately, sun shining and all (although a bit chilly some days). I started to walk around the city, happy to be back and enjoying the cherry blossom tree.

Today's outfit is just simple.

Scarf (gift, had it for 11 years) Faux Leather jacket (Shimamura) Striped Cardigan (Old navy) Black tee (Hanes) Grey tank dress (Epice du Mode) Grey leggings (Dots) United Kingdom flag flats (Pratunam Market, Thailand) Leathers accessories (gift from Mongolia)

I bought this set of dress and lace cropped top a while ago during my walk in Motomachi.

Tote Bag (Omake from Baila magazine)

Lace cropped top (Epice du Mode)

I love this simple (pyjama like) dresses, but I never dare to buy any because I thought they would not fit. Well, I tried this one and it fit. What I do like about it, is that it is an easy piece to wear, to dress up and down and to deconstruct (since it is two piece set). However, I am very conscious of how the dress hugs my shape. It is not tight but…

African Festival Yokohama 2011- Our shop

I did something very interesting over the week end. I had a booth selling various goods from Africa at the African Festival Yokohama 2011. The festival is organized every year by Afrikakiko (a shop that sells goods from Africa in Japan), various African embassies and the Japanese ministry of foreign affairs.

My husband and I rented a small booth for three days and we tried to sell arts that we had bought at home over the years but also clothes and accessories.

The festival lasted 3 days. During all this time, we met several people, mainly Japanese people who love Africa or are just curious about the continent. Many Japanese people who lived in Senegal for work,  studies or play came to talk to us (sometimes in Wolof, our mother's tongue). We also had the chance to chat with other foreigners who had booths just like us. In short, we did a little networking.

During the festival, I had the chance to check some other booths. Some were selling the same kind of stuff we had, some other…