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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Snap Woman (or how I realised I did not know much about fashion)

I discovered an interesting magazine today. I was shopping in a convenient store, ready to pay the bill when my eyes wandered and dropped right in front of this magazine. I browsed through it and knew I had to have it.

I rushed home and checked it out while giving the kids their snacks. And I did not regret the 880Y I invested in it. This magazine is a mind blower. Think The Sartorialist on glossy pages, and organized trough categories: tops, bottoms, accessories...

The magazine offers pictures of women (age range: 30 to 50) on the streets. It does not tell a story behind every outfit (for example: who is the designer and how much it cost), nor does it tell us where the pictures were taken. All it does is show pictures, and make small comments. Moreover, it offers similar items  that the ones on the pictures that can be purchased in Japan.

Going through each page, I was just blown away. I told myself that if that was how women dressed everyday around the world (or at least in the US. I had the feeling it was the US or Europe), I could just stop blogging about fashion, because obviously I do not know squad. Here I am having two blogs about fashion, writing my ass off, shopping my ass off, styling my ass off, and these ladies just go about their day being drop dead gorgeous effortlessly. Oh! I just hate myself....

Anyway, I decided that since I do not know what the hell I was talking about fashion, I will just do like the Japanese ladies did back in the days: buy a magazine and copy the style down the tee. And I realized that I did not even need to shop, because I have at least one version of all the items in the magazine somewhere in my closet. So be prepare to read many daily look based on The Snap Woman.

                                               This was the 1st edition that I do not have

                                                                  Inside the magazine

Here is my version:

2nd edition

                                                           Inside the magazine (seriously, who wears that?)

                                                                    Other pages

                                                                   Real women dress like that?

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