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Monday, April 11, 2011

A day in the park

Today was another beautiful day of Spring. It started out cloudy but by noon, the sun came out.
I had to go to Machida to have lunch with some colleagues of my husband. Here is what I decided to wear:


I am laughing in the train. (I do not ride the train as much as I should and I have to admit that I miss it)
- Beige scarf (Joa)
- Faux leather jacket (Shimamura)
- Flower print shirt (Pratunam market)
- Black tee (Hanes)
- Skinny Jeans (Ross)
- Jeweled flats (Shimamura)
- Longchamps bag (Chatujak market)


                                              Back in the house (do not mind the background)

I am in love with this shirt. It was one of the thing I discovered in Pratunam market. I wanted a different color but it was one of the last item she had in the store. Actually the print I wanted was in another design shirt. And I absolutely wanted a buttoned down shirt. Therefore I took this print instead. It felt great wearing something so pretty and colorful on such a blessed day.


                            For some reasons, I find the shirt more beautiful in reality than in these pictures

                          The accessories: flower ring from Hawaii and beads bracelet from Turkey,

                                  and Longchamps Bag (Yep! It is a fake, but a well made fake, lol)

                                                    A fabulous girls hailing a cab (can you see it?)

                                                                   Jeweled flats
After lunch, we headed back home because my husband wanted to go to the park next to our house to take pictures of the cherry blossoms. 5mns walk to our flat, is one of the most beautiful park in Yokohoma. Shirin koen is so big and beautiful, you can see people almost everyday walking their dog, jogging, playing outdoor sports, or just enjoying the greenery. I had been there many times but not enough for my taste. The last time I was there was two days after the recent earthquake. I had to get out of the house so I bought some lunch and took the kids there. It was such a blessed distraction.

Anyway, my hubby fell asleep as soon as we arrived home so I decided to let him rest and take the kids myself to the park. I did not want to spoil my shirt so I changed into this:

Cap (Ross)
Green Poncho (Shimamura)
Grey sweater (Target)
Grey tee (Hanes)
Skinny Jeans (Ross)
Tote bag (100 yen store-Saty)
Ugg inspired boots (G.U.)

I look fat in these pictures but it is mainly because I am fat. In truth, I am not sure the proportions are right. In other words, everything is too loose and baggy. There is nothing fabulous about my outfit. Yet I like it because it personifies me. I am a mother and I am going to the park to have fun with my kids (which include getting dirty). I do not need to be dolled up. I saw many ladies at the park wearing super high heels and form hugging dresses.  I kept asking myself why on earth would they do that at the park. Then it hit me: it is Hanami* season. The park was full with young people having parties underneath the cherry blossom. And since it was a party, many ladies just dress up.

                      The best 1000 yen I ever spent: the boots. They kept me warm all Winter long.

  I love this bag that I bought for a dollar. It is big enough to hold my purse, mobile phone and camera

Anyway, I think I did alright because I overheard some Japanese ladies saying "Kawaii" (cute) about me (or at least I thought it was me (they could have been talking about my kids).

* Hanami is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms. It happens at the beginning of spring and lasts two weeks. Japanese from all backgrounds or ages would gather under cherry trees and enjoy the flowers while eating, drinking and taking pictures.

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