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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cooking class

Today I finally had my cooking class. It was meant to happen a month ago but due to the earthquake, it was rescheduled for today. My son's school has a great support group for the mothers. Mothers with skills offer their services for free. Therefore, almost every month of the school year, there are cooking classes among other courses. Today was my turn. I had 7 students and I hope they had as much fun as I had today. Cooking is not my forte therefore I am still skeptical that they really enjoyed it. I am telling myself that since they took all the left overs home, there is a slight chance that they found the food tasty.
Anyway, here is what I wore today. Not really appropriate for cooking but I wanted to stay away from my mommy outfit (jeans and flowy top)

Hounds tooth scarf- 99c store
Sequined tank top- Honeys
Silk dress- Gap
Yellow cardigan- Old navy
Trench coat- H&M
Grey leggings- Ross
Fake snakeskin flats- H&M

                                                  Me in the kitchen just before the class started

Love the yellow and navi combo

It was a bit chilly today so the trench came in handy

The accessories: filigree earrings bought in Sandaga market and blade shaped pendant gifted from my mother

                                                               Golden bangle from H&M

These are supposed to be room shoes but their are so cute I could not resist wearing them outside.

And here are some pics of the food

The tomato stew with meatballs

Served with white rice

Pineapple salad

My son was also in the class....I am wearing an apron made from a leftover cloth

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Papa Samba said...

Love it, keep on livin your passion <3. Papis !!!

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