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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I got my trench coat

I finally got the trench coat I was looking for. I bought it at H&M a few weeks ago. It was on sale for Y3000. It is not like the trench coat I was looking for because it has a hood. And originally I wanted it in military green but they did not have my size. However, I am glad with my purchase. I have been wearing the thing ever since particularly when the temperature would drop below the 20 degrees.

I tried to recreate the Domani fashion shoot without success. I need a professional photographer or at least some tripod because it is a pain trying to take pics of myself with my camera. Anyway, here are the pics

Black turban
H&M trench coat
Zara white shirt
Steve and Barry's jeans
Betsey Johnson pumps 

                                 I bought these shoes to sell but they are so pretty I am keeping them for myself

                                                                    Here is the mustard version

Friend (or Street) style stealer 1st edition: M. 's style

Since I am person who lacks style and elegance ( I think that you have to be born with it), I often get tips on how to dress by looking at people around me, magazines or celebrities on TV. In my other blog: odetofashion.blogspot.com I already started something called Celebrity Style stealer where I mimicked celebrity style. But in this one, I would like to add Friend (or street) style stealer.

Recently I met a woman at my son's school. I will call her M. M. is a very simple beauty with no fuss no muss. And she always has the same style that I absolutely adore. She always wear a plain t-shirt, with cargo pants and pumps or sandals. Sometimes, she adds a pretty necklace. Her cargo pants are all ankle length and vary from green to beige and black. Recently with Fall dropping on us, I imagined that she would have to change her style a bit. Instead, she just added a blue trench coat or a black leather jacket to her style and be done with it. I always wanted to ask her why she was dressing like that but I am not that close to her yet to ask her such a personal question. I reckon that since she is a mother of two travelling more than an hour to come to school every day, she needs something easy to wear. I mean, ain't nothing easier to wear in the morning than a plain tee and cargo pants (except plain tee and jeans: my version). There is no need to iron or prepare before hand. You can just pull them out of the closet and wear them. But that is my imagination, in reality I have no idea how she dresses in the morning.

Anyway, I am reproducing her style today:

- Military inspired vest (Shimamura)
- Hanes plain white tee (Home's)
- Zara pink cargo pants
- Ankle strap pumps (Ross)
- Printed scarf (Gift-had it for more than 10 years)
- Charming Charlie Bib necklace

                                                            Bib necklace and printed scarf

I love everything about the outfit. However, while I was putting it on, I realized that the pumps were a little bit tight. I bought them 4 years ago. That was my first purchase at Ross. I wore them just once during graduation (I was 6 months preggers). They hurt a bit but I thought it was because of all the water I was retaining in my feet. Now, even though I am baby and water free, they still hurt. I guess I will have to sell them or give them away. I love them but they are not worth the pain I guess.

The shoes look like they were made of straw. Plus they have a fake crocodile print around the strap. 

I have not wore this outfit in public yet. I am hoping to break it for a day at the zoo with some other mothers next week. I will surely switch the pumps for a pair of ballet flats. I have been looking for some in pink suede with some flowers on top like these:

                                                           Anita Arenberg suede flats (Y2000 @ ryuryu.jp)

So what do you think of M.'s inspired style?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I dream of a Trench Coat

Uchida Kyoko: Celeb (former TV announcer)

I have a secret to share with you: I have a love-hate relationship with Fall. In all the years I have lived in Japan, a country with four seasons, Fall was the only season I could not understand. One thing I could not cope with was the change of temperatures. It can be chilly in the morning, but very hot by lunch time, and then chilly again at the end of the day. It is impossible to know what to wear with such sudden changes. And to add insult to injury, I often catch a cold because my body is not used to shift.

However, I am always looking forward to Fall because of one thing and one thing only: Fall Fashion. I love wearing cardigans over long sleeve tees. I am also in awe at Fall/ Winter accessories such as the muffler, the wool hats, the leather gloves, the suede boots. Moreover, I think that a coat adds class and style to any lady. For these reasons, I am so eager for Fall to start.

Yet there was something that puts my anticipation into obsession mode.

A few days ago, I was waiting for the bus at the station. It was so hot, I decided to go cool off at the convenient store next door while checking the fashion magazines. I found this one called Domani, targeting stylish and elegant women 35 years and older. Inside they had a spread they called : Trench Coat x Shirt x Denim = elegant woman or the battle of how to wear the three items (literal translation from Japanese). The spread was part of a of the following topic: "How 35 years old women wear every day clothes?". They invited Japanese celebrities such as models, actresses, comedians to pose in the three items. The pictures were breathtaking. And they inspired me to get myself a Trench Coat.

Domani Japan

Here are the pics I took of the magazines

Yonekura Ryoko : Model, Actress

Chibana Kurara: Model

                                                         Tomochika : comedian

I always loved Trench coats and bought myself several in the past. I had one in black faux leather, one in red and even one in pink. I loved them all. However I never had the chance to find myself a Khaki trench coat. In Japan, the trench coat has always been popular particularly in Spring, where it is showcased in every color of the rainbow. Japanese women would go for every style of trench coat. However, I have noticed that for really elegant women, the brand of choice is definitely Burberry (all the models in the pics were wearing Burberry). Living in Japan, I used to dream of owning a Burberry Trench Coat. However, I have to say that the price tag is not letting me fulfill that dream.

Nevertheless, I have found a way of being among the stylish ladies this year. At H&M, they sell a very interesting trench coat for way less than Burberry. The H&M Khaki trench is perfect for the stay at home mother, frugal shopper that I am. It cost barely 5000 Yen. I have yet to try and buy the beauty. But I touched it and the material looks good enough. I cannot wait for the temperatures to drop to go and get myself the so longed trench. I just hope they will still have my size.

A part from the trench coat spread, they were other interesting topics inside the Domani magazine. The entire magazine was such an inspiration I am thinking of getting a subscription. As I am approaching 30, I may not be their target audience, since it is for the Japanese woman of 35 and above. However, I may get it just to learn about style and elegance. It is a topic that has been on my mind for a while. I imagined that style and elegance comes with age. And when I see women like Mrs Obama or Jennifer Anniston, I cannot help but sigh because they are so elegant and classy. I tell myself that they were not born that way. It took them a long time to figure out what looks good on them and what works with their body. I kept on wishing of becoming like them. But I think now is the time that I stop wishing and start acting. First step: learn about style. And Domani may become my number one school book. (at least until I leave Japan)

Fall is here!

So Fall has finally arrived with a bang. One day, it was 35 degrees, and the next it was 20. The sun disappeared and down came the rain. Ironically it started to get cooler on the 1st day of Fall, August 23rd. Anyway since Fall has finally decided to show up, I am getting my Fall/ Winter clothes out of their suitcases and trying to clean and put away my Summer clothes. I am so excited because I will get to layer my clothes. As much as I love Summer, it is way too hot to know what to wear. You want to be modest without being too covered, which is just an impossible task with the heat. But during Fall and Winter, you can wear as many clothes as you want (without looking like a hoarder I mean). I also have to add that Fall/Winter clothes are much more tailored than summer clothes. Just think how handsome one can look with a wool coat on or a trench coat.
To celebrate the arrival of Fall, I took on a new task I want to call Fall Coordination. I am going to put out all my warm clothes, coordinate them and document them. I got inspired by the Domani Magazine I talked about in a previous post.

And here is my first outfit for Fall. I call it Sparkle

Animal Print scarf (Bday present from my best friend hundred years ago, actually for my 18 bday)

Forever 21 Sequin tee (bought in Factory 2 U actually just before leaving the US)
Old Navy cardigan
Skinny jeans
Forever 21 ballet flats (bought them after hurricane Ike for $8)
To be by Agnes B Tote (free gift with the purchase of Non-No magazine 600 Yen)
Beaded bracelet bought in a local market back home


To be tote bag (perfect for running errands)

Please do not mind the mask. I am coughing a bit. I am doing like the Japanese by wearing a mask to preotect myself from getting even sicker. I wanted to wear my scarf down but I looked a bit like a Taliban with the mask. So I am wearing it up. We do not want to scare the Japanese, do we?


One for my fav ballet flats

I chose bright colors although Fall usually calls for warm earth tones. It was the 1st sunny day in almost a week. I was feeling down lately with all the rain and needed a boost. The Old Navy cardigan was just bright enough. I have to say that before I would never wear a sequin top with a yellow cardigan. I am happy to discover that I have changed, and I hope for the better.

So how did I do in your book of style?
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