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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friend (or Street) style stealer 1st edition: M. 's style

Since I am person who lacks style and elegance ( I think that you have to be born with it), I often get tips on how to dress by looking at people around me, magazines or celebrities on TV. In my other blog: odetofashion.blogspot.com I already started something called Celebrity Style stealer where I mimicked celebrity style. But in this one, I would like to add Friend (or street) style stealer.

Recently I met a woman at my son's school. I will call her M. M. is a very simple beauty with no fuss no muss. And she always has the same style that I absolutely adore. She always wear a plain t-shirt, with cargo pants and pumps or sandals. Sometimes, she adds a pretty necklace. Her cargo pants are all ankle length and vary from green to beige and black. Recently with Fall dropping on us, I imagined that she would have to change her style a bit. Instead, she just added a blue trench coat or a black leather jacket to her style and be done with it. I always wanted to ask her why she was dressing like that but I am not that close to her yet to ask her such a personal question. I reckon that since she is a mother of two travelling more than an hour to come to school every day, she needs something easy to wear. I mean, ain't nothing easier to wear in the morning than a plain tee and cargo pants (except plain tee and jeans: my version). There is no need to iron or prepare before hand. You can just pull them out of the closet and wear them. But that is my imagination, in reality I have no idea how she dresses in the morning.

Anyway, I am reproducing her style today:

- Military inspired vest (Shimamura)
- Hanes plain white tee (Home's)
- Zara pink cargo pants
- Ankle strap pumps (Ross)
- Printed scarf (Gift-had it for more than 10 years)
- Charming Charlie Bib necklace

                                                            Bib necklace and printed scarf

I love everything about the outfit. However, while I was putting it on, I realized that the pumps were a little bit tight. I bought them 4 years ago. That was my first purchase at Ross. I wore them just once during graduation (I was 6 months preggers). They hurt a bit but I thought it was because of all the water I was retaining in my feet. Now, even though I am baby and water free, they still hurt. I guess I will have to sell them or give them away. I love them but they are not worth the pain I guess.

The shoes look like they were made of straw. Plus they have a fake crocodile print around the strap. 

I have not wore this outfit in public yet. I am hoping to break it for a day at the zoo with some other mothers next week. I will surely switch the pumps for a pair of ballet flats. I have been looking for some in pink suede with some flowers on top like these:

                                                           Anita Arenberg suede flats (Y2000 @ ryuryu.jp)

So what do you think of M.'s inspired style?

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