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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall is here!

So Fall has finally arrived with a bang. One day, it was 35 degrees, and the next it was 20. The sun disappeared and down came the rain. Ironically it started to get cooler on the 1st day of Fall, August 23rd. Anyway since Fall has finally decided to show up, I am getting my Fall/ Winter clothes out of their suitcases and trying to clean and put away my Summer clothes. I am so excited because I will get to layer my clothes. As much as I love Summer, it is way too hot to know what to wear. You want to be modest without being too covered, which is just an impossible task with the heat. But during Fall and Winter, you can wear as many clothes as you want (without looking like a hoarder I mean). I also have to add that Fall/Winter clothes are much more tailored than summer clothes. Just think how handsome one can look with a wool coat on or a trench coat.
To celebrate the arrival of Fall, I took on a new task I want to call Fall Coordination. I am going to put out all my warm clothes, coordinate them and document them. I got inspired by the Domani Magazine I talked about in a previous post.

And here is my first outfit for Fall. I call it Sparkle

Animal Print scarf (Bday present from my best friend hundred years ago, actually for my 18 bday)

Forever 21 Sequin tee (bought in Factory 2 U actually just before leaving the US)
Old Navy cardigan
Skinny jeans
Forever 21 ballet flats (bought them after hurricane Ike for $8)
To be by Agnes B Tote (free gift with the purchase of Non-No magazine 600 Yen)
Beaded bracelet bought in a local market back home


To be tote bag (perfect for running errands)

Please do not mind the mask. I am coughing a bit. I am doing like the Japanese by wearing a mask to preotect myself from getting even sicker. I wanted to wear my scarf down but I looked a bit like a Taliban with the mask. So I am wearing it up. We do not want to scare the Japanese, do we?


One for my fav ballet flats

I chose bright colors although Fall usually calls for warm earth tones. It was the 1st sunny day in almost a week. I was feeling down lately with all the rain and needed a boost. The Old Navy cardigan was just bright enough. I have to say that before I would never wear a sequin top with a yellow cardigan. I am happy to discover that I have changed, and I hope for the better.

So how did I do in your book of style?

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