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DIY/DIM Printed sheer long vest

Hello everyone. 
Today's new DIY is a printed and sheer long vest. A few months back while I was watching an episode of Style and the city,  I noticed the then host Shibani Dandekar was rocking a two piece printed set made of pants and a vest with a sheer skirt. I fell in love with the design and decided to reproduce it. I looked for a picture of it everywhere on the Internet with no success at all. But that did not stop me.

Scarf -  gift from Ethiopia  Glasses -  M. G. Road Necklace  and bangle-  bought at Women Entrepreneur fair Shirt -  Thrifted Vest -  did it myself Pants -  M. G. Road  Shoes -  bought at Fidak fair in Dakar 

For this DIY I used a printed eyelet wrap around skirt my mother in law gave me years ago. Since she is saying that the style is too outdated, I decided to refashion it into a more modern but also practical piece. The vest was easy to make. I did not use any tutorial at all. I just made the top part using older dresses as sample. The sheer skirt was a le…

Super Trouper

Hello dear readers?  How is life treating you?
It has been really hot in Pune lately and in India in general. Actually it is so hot that people are dying of heat stroke. When I was living in Japan, I could not believe it whenever I heard that people died of heat. But when I travelled to Dubai or lived in India in Summer I got it. The heat is brutal. I used to have migraines due to the heat. That is why I am looking forward to the Monsoon where it is way cooler.

Scarf -  Auchan super market Bomber jacket -  Cupid  Bodysuit -  HM Dress -  M. G.  Road Shoes -  Soul to Sole Beaded chocker -  Dili Haat in Delhi 

Who says you cannot wear cut out and still stay modest? 

Today was my baby's kindergarten graduation. Time goes by so quickly. I still remember my first son graduation like it was yesterday. Next thing you know they will be both off to college. It was nice seeing my second baby receive a small medal from his principal. But I was wondering why schools now make such a big deal o…

Unwanted houseguests: Creepy crawlers

Hello Readers!

If you have been reading me for a while you know that I am not a big fan of animals. I like to eat some of them, see others at the zoo or even watch them on TV but I do not like to see them run wild. Lately, there are some lizards running wild in my apartment. They are everywhere in the kitchen, in the rooms, in the bathrooms. I would open the doors the balcony to pick up some drying clothes that fell and they would pop from under the clothes, causing me to shriek and run away like a mad man. They do it every year well probably not the same lizards. But they are here and they make my life impossible . I bought some pills that are meant to scare them away but that did not work. I checked the Internet for home remedies like pepper spray and applied it but they are still here. I am not sure what to do because I want them out but I do not want to kill them.

Last November,  there was a big lizard hiding behind a painting in my apartment. I asked my maid to get rid of it but …