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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Unwanted houseguests: Creepy crawlers

Hello Readers!

If you have been reading me for a while you know that I am not a big fan of animals. I like to eat some of them, see others at the zoo or even watch them on TV but I do not like to see them run wild. Lately, there are some lizards running wild in my apartment. They are everywhere in the kitchen, in the rooms, in the bathrooms. I would open the doors the balcony to pick up some drying clothes that fell and they would pop from under the clothes, causing me to shriek and run away like a mad man. They do it every year well probably not the same lizards. But they are here and they make my life impossible . I bought some pills that are meant to scare them away but that did not work. I checked the Internet for home remedies like pepper spray and applied it but they are still here. I am not sure what to do because I want them out but I do not want to kill them.

Last November,  there was a big lizard hiding behind a painting in my apartment. I asked my maid to get rid of it but she was so scared and alarmed that I called my driver for the job. He tried to shoo the thing out in the balcony but it got caught on the screen of the sliding doors and died. Right after that my maid unexpectedly quit citing family matters,  my driver got hospitalized for dengue and I had one of the worst birthday week ever. Call me superstitious but I blame it all on killing the lizard. That is why I am not too keen on killing them.

Scarf - cannot remember 
Top -  Max
Pants -  HM
Shoes -  Fidak Fair in Dakar 
Earrings -  M. G.  Road 

I have been living with lizards all my life. Our house was build on a former forest so before it became populated like it is now, we had many lizards in our garden and sometimes inside the living room. My Dad always got rid of them once they were inside but we left them alone when they were outside. I was scared then but I knew someone would come to the rescue.

Then I moved to a boarding school where at nights all kind of creepy crawlers would invade our rooms. They were always on the ceiling so I used to sleep with the blanket covering my entire body for fear they attacked. Some of my girlfriends told me that if they pee on me, my body would be swollen, which increased my fear of these little things. Funnily enough anywhere I went they were still there, when I moved to a house in the States, in Japan and now in India, never mind my own home country. It is like they are following me. When I used to live on the ground floor I could understand seeing them around but I am in an apartment on higher grounds now.  Are they suppose to climb this high?

Beaded earrings 

Sometimes I ask God to just get rid of them. And the following day,  they are gone but then they come back. I am thinking either God like them more than me or maybe He just wants me to face my fear. And believe me I fear those things. They are small mind you but they are ugly and a bit slimy. One of my biggest fear is to be buried with hundred of them and snakes.That would be pure purgatory.

Anyway I cannot believe I am ranting about lizards on this blog. And I still do not have a solution to my problem. I guess I would either have to live with them, scream every time I see them, shoo them until they hide and pray that come monsoon they disappear or just take matters into my own hands and kill them all. I am not a killer though. I can kill flies, mosquitoes and coakroaches but bigger things am not really into that. Please help!

Do you have unwanted house guests like my lizards?  Or do you fear any kind of small animals?  Let me know!

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