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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Super Trouper

Hello dear readers?  How is life treating you?
It has been really hot in Pune lately and in India in general. Actually it is so hot that people are dying of heat stroke. When I was living in Japan, I could not believe it whenever I heard that people died of heat. But when I travelled to Dubai or lived in India in Summer I got it. The heat is brutal. I used to have migraines due to the heat. That is why I am looking forward to the Monsoon where it is way cooler.

Scarf -  Auchan super market
Bomber jacket -  Cupid 
Bodysuit -  HM
Dress -  M. G.  Road
Shoes -  Soul to Sole
Beaded chocker -  Dili Haat in Delhi 

Who says you cannot wear cut out and still stay modest? 

Today was my baby's kindergarten graduation. Time goes by so quickly. I still remember my first son graduation like it was yesterday. Next thing you know they will be both off to college. It was nice seeing my second baby receive a small medal from his principal. But I was wondering why schools now make such a big deal out of kindergarten. I mean it is nice to acknowledge that the kids will now leave kindergarten behind and move on to do harder things. First grade will not be all fun and games. But is all the fuss necessary?  I do not remember having a graduation when I moved to first grade. I did not even have one when I moved to middle school. What we had was a ceremony every year to acknowledge the best students in the class. If you were first in class or in a subject you would receive books and other gifts in front of the entire school and your parents. That was it. I guess that is a bit old school because nowadays there are graduation ceremonies for every grade sometimes.

I do not mind it that much though. I like being present for my kids, let them see me there, see that I am supporting them. My first real important graduation was in college and my parents were not present. I was living in Japan and they could not make the trip. I was surrounded by friends but it was not the same. I would not want my kids to feel the loneliness I felt when I got my degree, turn around and no family was there to applaud. So I will be there Inchallah every time they graduate whether it is for kindergarten, middle school,  high school or college. I will be their super trouper, crying and cheering,  my heart proud. Inchallah!

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