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Road trip : Mumbai

We took advantage of the Independence day long week end to travel to Mumbai via road. We departed from Pune at 10 am and took the old highway. There was not much traffic and because we had to pass many villages, cars were not really speeding. On the way we passed beautiful green hills with waterfalls and idling buffaloes and monkeys.

We arrived in Mumbai minutes before 3 pm because it took us one hour to enter the city. We checked in ITC Grand central hotel located in Parel. The hotel is called a luxury hotel and you could see why upon entering the lobby: high ceilings with beautiful chandeliers, rich seating areas. The room itself was small but nicely decorated.
Anyway, we stayed only thirty minutes there then went in search of a restaurant. It was hard to find one in Parel so we headed towards Marine drive. We found Sukh Sagar restaurant opposite Chowpatty Beach. Unfortunately the lunch menu was not available as it was almost 5 pm. We ordered Dosa for the adults and veg sandwich and…

Hoarder (It's a link up!)

There are traits of your personality that are yours and there are others that you inherit from your parents. I am impatient like my Dad and talkative like my Mom. During a recent trip home, I also discovered something else I got from my Mom: Hoarding.
When I am home in Senegal, I usually leave some clothes at my parents place to be washed and ironed. When I went to retrieve them, my Dad and I had to look inside many different suitcases as he is never sure where he put them. While checking them, we found some old clothes in a tiny carry-on. There were my Mother's and judging by their design, they dated back to the 90s. Most of the clothes were Winter wear ( heavy jackets) but the rest was silk shirts, scarves and skirts. When asked about the clothes, my Mom said that she was keeping them to wear during colder weather. But obviously my Dad and I both knew that she was never going to wear those clothes. My mother is a hoarder; She likes to keep things and she rarely uses them. Her c…

Another Sunday, another fair

It was another simple Sunday in Pune with showers here and there. We decided to check this Sari fair in Karve Rd. It took us some time to find the place. And when we did, we had so many styles of Saris in front of us mostly made of some kind of silk (did not even know that there were different kind of silk). We did not buy because we were just looking. And I have to say that the Saris were not cheap. I am not even sure as to what should be a normal price. Sometimes I wish I had an Indian friend to hang with here so she could guide me. She would know where to get the best Indian material, teach me how to drape a Sari, introduce me to a good seamstress and hire for Mehendi sessions at home among other things...Too bad all my Indian friends are out of India. Or maybe it is time to make new friends? 

Kurta - Big Bazaar Jeans -can't remember Tablet cover used as a clutch - Gift Shoes - Ross

Had these shoes for 7 years now, yet I can count the number of times I worn them (around five ti…