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Pardon the sweat

What happened to the cool days of Summer? The Monsoon came and went, and came back bringing really hot and humid days back to Pune. I have to admit that for once I am looking forward to colder days. I am not sure it will be cold enough to break the coats and boots but you never know.

Scarf- taken from my Mother Shirt- Sundap shop in M.G. road  Pants - Shimamura Shoes- gift from Hubby Bag - gift 

Indian style earrings - random shop at Women's fair 
Anyway, for a day of running errands under the rain, I just opt for a button down and my loyal cargo pants. I love button downs, always have, always will. As a teen I use to steal my father's shirt, then I moved on to my boyfriends. I love them super baggy. But a feminine one never looses its class. In India, I discover that they are very affordable and come in every color and print. That is why I am stacking them up. I must have 5 by now. I should really stop but they are just so easy to style, hence easy to grab when you have to b…

Five shades of purple (and a little bit of orange)

My first Summer (or Monsoon) and Ramadan in Pune is great; temperatures are low so I am not sweating. It is kind of weird to spend Summer nights reaching for a blanket and not craving ice cream. My only problem is the rain; you cannot really enjoy the outdoors or walk without being splashed or have your toes in mud. On top of that I do miss the sun and blue sky. In this gloomy weather, dressing up in anything than jeans and tops seems crazy. So in order to mix things up and uplift my mood I add colorful accessories.

Tunic - thrifted
Jeans - thrifted
Bag - Chatujak market Thailand
Shoes - Westside

These earrings came with feathers but I removed them coz they were too much. May make other earrings or necklace with the fuchsia feathers later 
New shoes bought on sale at Westside department store

Truth be told, the purple (fake) suede shoes worked as long as I had to stay indoors. But since I had to walk between the car and where I was going, I had to be real. So I switched to shoes I cou…

Bag it!

The thing I like the most next to shoes (next to accessories, next to clothes) is bag. I am a sucker for bags. One time in my past life, I decided to buy bags in every color of the rainbow, reason why I now have an extensive collection of totes, basket bags and even clutches. But nothing too expensive as I am always scared to invest in a brand name bag. For me they are way too pricey for a housewife. If I was working, maybe..I even got chances to get good condition second hand Coach or Tory Burch bags in Japan for a fraction of their normal price but I always chicken out at the end. Do you know how many clothes I can buy with that kind of money?

Anyway it has been a while since I bought a new bag (Ok! 8 months is like 2 years in shopaholics years) I did fancy many bags since my arrival in India. But this Summer I lust over a small  jelly cross body bag in neon. It was not that pricey (around 500 rupees at Much More store) but I was never too sure of the color ( I think I am too old fo…