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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five shades of purple (and a little bit of orange)

My first Summer (or Monsoon) and Ramadan in Pune is great; temperatures are low so I am not sweating. It is kind of weird to spend Summer nights reaching for a blanket and not craving ice cream. My only problem is the rain; you cannot really enjoy the outdoors or walk without being splashed or have your toes in mud. On top of that I do miss the sun and blue sky. In this gloomy weather, dressing up in anything than jeans and tops seems crazy. So in order to mix things up and uplift my mood I add colorful accessories.

Tunic - thrifted
Jeans - thrifted
Bag - Chatujak market Thailand
Shoes - Westside

These earrings came with feathers but I removed them coz they were too much. May make other earrings or necklace with the fuchsia feathers later 

New shoes bought on sale at Westside department store

Truth be told, the purple (fake) suede shoes worked as long as I had to stay indoors. But since I had to walk between the car and where I was going, I had to be real. So I switched to shoes I could afford to get ruined.  Oh the great divide between a fabulous life and a practical one!

The practical shoes I switched to

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